6 Best Art Supply Subscription Boxes

Looking for an interesting or unique art subscription box?  We hope to provide you with a number of creative options.  So keep on reading…

Art is more than just a creative endeavor; it’s a therapeutic exercise that inspires a renewed appreciation for life and inspires an aesthetic sensitivity to the beauty that surrounds us.

And what better way to nurture a passion for art, than by receiving a monthly supply of inspirational art tools, implements, and tutorials.

Thanks to art supply subscriptions, anyone can bring out their inner artists. These boxes don’t just come with useful goodies and sometimes challenging guides, but with the value of a dedicated community of like-minded pros who’re willing to support you with the tips, know-how and inspiration you need to pursue your passion for art with renewed fervor each month. 

Here is our pick of some of the best art supplies subscription boxes on the market. Ones that’ll make you smile, invoke your inner creativity and inspire you to no end.

Box Name

The Goodies

Price / Month

# of Items

Free Shipping

Auto Renewal

Scrawlr Box

Acrylic paint, sketching pad, pencils, pens, chalks, copic markers, erasers, edible treats


4 to 6



Paletteful Packs

Charcoal, graphite or acrylic paint, sketch book, instructional guide, marking pens, pencils, stencils, erasers


3 to 5



Scrapbooking Store

12 x 12 paper, embellishments, cutouts, stickers, overlay frames


7 to 10



Tangle Troves

Sketchbooks, tiles, pens, pencils, coloring page, ink pads, snacks and treats, drawing sets, tutorials, hand cut paper projects


5 to 8



FX Crate

Special effects makeup, paints, brushes, prosthetics, sponges, adhesives, removers


3 to 5



Indigo Artbox

Oil pastels sets, color shapers, sketch paper, mixed media paper, acrylic paint, brushes, canvas, erasers, instructional videos, storage case


8 to 10



1. Scrawlr Box

scrawlrbox art subscription box

This art box subscription is perfect for sketch artists as it focuses mainly on that particular medium.

But what sets the Scrawlr Box apart is their ability to include basics like different colored pencils and pens in each box, while still managing to keep it interesting for old hands.

Scrawlr Box ships out around the 17th of each month and their boxes are usually filled with “mystery art supplies,” as they call it.

Along with that, each box comes with artwork from the featured artist of the month, and a written tutorial about the objects featured in the box for the month, making it easier for you to use them.

What We Like:

  • checkThey’ve managed to strike a good balance between offering high-quality products at an attractive price point
  • checkThey ship worldwide from the UK
  • checkThe adorable treats are such a pleasant surprise from an art box
  • checkThe creative and thoughtful arrangement of the items in the box is a plus!

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Poor packaging that sometimes isn’t able to handle the shipping journey.
  • Unfortunately, they don’t feature enough sketchbooks and/ or paper to practice on

2. Paletteful Packs

paletteful packs art supply subscription

This particular monthly art box does not disappoint when it comes to quality.  Each box is filled with a carefully selected pack of high-end products from the best manufacturers and brands in the art world.

Paletteful Packs offers you the option to choose between one of two boxes depending on who you’re shopping for. There’s the Young Artist pack for children ages 8 and up, and the Premier pack for adults as well as seasoned artists. With the boxes being shipped out on the 15th of every month, they sure are a pleasant surprise when they do arrive.

What We Like:

  • checkThe variety.  You can create a wide range of art projects with the different supplies you get each month, and you’re not just constrained to one project 
  • checkThey ship worldwide
  • checkThe quality of the items in each box is unparalleled
  • checkYou’ll be the first to get newly released color combinations and art products from respected brands
  • checkQuick shipping and excellent customer service
  • checkEach box comes with a sketching surface like a canvas or a pad, and the large size of the box makes for the perfect additional surface.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The fluctuating quantity of the products might leave you feeling cheated with getting less than you paid for on some months. 
  • times-circleAlthough they do offer free shipping within the US, their international shipping fees are rather steep for those who are ordering from overseas. 

3. Scrapbooking Store

scrapbooking store monthly art box

This is truly a unique package that offers massive value for money.  Each box comes with 12x 12 papers, fabulous embellishments, and a themed project inspiration sheet.

And the extras are to die for!

Scrapbooking embellishments that would impress even the most experienced scrapbooker, and I’m not just talking glitter and eye-catching stickers either.  From Fabric ribbons to photo corners, washi tape, floral patterns, colorful rivets and studs, chip boards, gorgeous premium quality paper – the eye candy is endless!

If that weren’t enough, a subscription into the Scrapbooking Store gives you access to the company’s online community, which is constantly sharing inspiration and ideas through blog posts, forums, and social media.

What We Like:

  • checkYou don’t have to wait for a specific shipping date to get your box. They usually ship it out to you within days after placing your order
  • checkEach box is chock-a-block with an inspiring display of art supplies from 12×12 paper to embellishments
  • checkYour scrapbook kit comes with an exciting theme for you to explore each month
  • checkIt’s great value for money. Seriously.
  • checkThe packaging itself gets you excited for what’s inside; they pay extraordinary attention to detail to every element of the box
  • checkOptions. You can choose between a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription option, and you can opt to stick with the basic box or upgrade to premium, for out-of-this-world embellishment options.
  • checkThe paper is acid and lignin free

What We Didn’t Like:

  • They don’t offer worldwide shipping

4. Tangle Troves

tangle troves tm monthly art subscription

This is an art subscription box with a difference in that it offers a specialized art form known as ‘tangling’ which combines the creativity of art with mindfulness.

Using a carefully curated selection of art supplies, you can explore your inner artist while learning mindfulness techniques that’ll relax your mind while deepening your connection with life through a heightened sense of wellness.

Gives a whole new meaning to the idea of creating meaningful art!

And as a subscriber, you stand a chance to win a Treasure Chest filled with merchandise to the value of $100.

What We Like:

  • checkSuitable for artists of all ages and stages
  • checkThe box can be shipped to anywhere in the world
  • checkThe scrumptious treats (chocolate anyone?)
  • checkYou can now enjoy the benefits of mindfulness while creating a unique piece of art
  • checkValue for money. The boxes are always filled with full sized, useful art supplies.
  • checkEach month comes with a surprise ‘gem’ that once unlocked, reveals the month’s challenge and a value-packed video tutorial.
  • checkYou get to explore a different art medium each month, ranging from drawing to painting and even tiling.
  • checkImpressive customer service

What We Didn’t Like:

  • We’ve got nothing bad to say about this one folks. It’s awesome. 

5. FX Crate

fx crate art subscription box

The FX Crate is an ideal gift for those who enjoy special effects makeup.

Each month, the team at FX Crate creates a themed box featuring high-quality special effects makeup items and every care has been taken to ensure that you get the full experience with these boxes.

Shipping out on the 15th of each month the box comes with FX makeup, brushes, prosthetics, adhesives and removers. How thoughtful.

What We Like:

  • checkFX Crate has a YouTube channel where subscribers can experience ongoing visual inspiration and special effects makeup tutorials
  • checkEach month is a special surprise with themed crates that feature one-of-a-kind items
  • checkOnce subscribed, you’ll have access to a fervent community with which to share ideas and exchange inspiration and tips
  • checkThe tutorials are fascinating as they are educational
  • checkEach box is filled with useful items that enable you to complete the project for the month, and then some.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • They don’t offer worldwide shipping

6. Indigo Artbox

indigo art box subscription

This is an ideal art supply subscription if you want to learn a new art skill every month while learning about the history of art itself.

The boxes come with a themed kit and a detailed tutorial to help you complete your project. There’s also additional support in the form of two videos in each box, perfect for visual learners.

What We Like:

  • checkThanks to the educational art history cards that come with each box, you get to learn about art while diving into your monthly art project
  • checkIt’s perfectly suitable for children and adults alike, as long as you have a passion for art.
  • checkYou get all the items you need to complete your project within the box
  • checkThe online community is incredibly supportive and their content is relatable and endlessly inspiring
  • checkYou get a storage case for your supplies. Talk about impressive attention to detail.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • They only ship within the USA
  • times-circleIt is a bit pricey but good value for money nonetheless

To Wrap Up

These monthly art subscriptions are a treasure trove of inspiration for both aspiring and practicing artists. And the value and support they offer to artists and hobbyists is immeasurable.

From high-quality supplies to amazing tutorials, and dedicated online communities that support you through the journey, each box is guaranteed to inspire you to new heights, each month.

So take your art game to next level, learn a new skill or spoil a loved one with a thoughtful gift by subscribing to one of these fabulous art boxes.