The Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Babies

Everyone knows there’s not much tougher than being a new parent. Between the lack of sleep, the dirty diapers, the crying, and everything else, there seems to be no time for anything else. Chores get postponed, cooking never happens, and ‘me time’ is a thing of the past.

That’s why a baby subscription box is a perfect solution. No effort required: instead of making trips to the store with time you just don’t have, you can have anything you need for the baby (or yourself) delivered to your door once a month.

Options are practically unlimited, and there are boxes for everything from standard baby supplies to children’s books and toys, as well as some boxes chock-full of stuff just for Mommy and Daddy.

Go ahead and reclaim a few minutes of your day by subscribing to one of the boxes below.

Box Name

What’s Inside?

# of Items



The Ellie Mae Box

Beauty and wellness products for you and baby


$30.99 / month


Reading Bug Box

Children’s books tailored to your child’s age and reading level


$19.99 – $51.00 / month

U.S. only


A new children’s book


$19.95 – $24.95 / month

U.S. and Canada only

Baby Tote Box

Children’s clothing and monogrammed or otherwise customized decals


$16.99 / month

U.S. only

Hoppi Box

High-quality, age-appropriate toys

Not specified

$75.00 / quarter

U.S. only

Kid Curated Books

Children’s books chosen for your child’s age and interests


$34.99 / month

U.S. only

The Boy Box

Children’s fashion and accessories geared toward boys


$9.99 – $23.99 / month

U.S. and Canada only

OneZee Me

Personalized onesies for your little one


$32.99 – $65.95 / month

U.S. only

Tribe of Little Readers

Books chosen based on your child’s age, gender and interests


$24.00 – $30.00 / month



Educational toys, books, and gear


$59.00 / quarter

U.S. only

Mama & Baby

Supplies and gifts for both mom & baby

Not specified

$20.00 / month


Bayside Baby

Lifestyle items designed to make a new parent’s life easier


$29.99 / month


1. The Ellie Mae Box

ellie mae baby subscription box

Price: $30.99 / month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Filled with goodies designed for you and your baby or toddler (up to age 4) to enjoy, the Me and my Baby Ellie Mae Box is the perfect solution for tired moms looking to share some cherished moments with their little one.

There are also two other options, one just for moms (the Just for Me box) and one for pet moms (the Me and My Furbaby box) – each for just $30.99/month – so it’s easy to share the love.

The Ellie Mae Box contains 4-5 mini-sized wellness and beauty products for mom – think sheet masks, organic snacks, cosmetics and more – plus a limited-edition gift for baby.

This monthly baby box focuses on promoting up-and-coming indie companies, so there’s always something new and exciting to look forward to.

Boxes ship on the 25th of every month.

2. Reading Bug Box

reading bug monthly baby box

Price: $19.99 – $51.00 / month

Shipping: U.S. only

About the box: Whatever your little one’s age, there’s a Reading Bug Box that’s tailor-made just for them. Kids from 0-13 will treasure the stories they receive in their monthly Reading Bug Box delivery. Each box includes a selection of children’s books hand-selected for your child’s age, reading level, and interests.

The Baby Bug Box, for babies age 0-36 months ($19.99/month), includes 3 board books for your growing toddler. The Reading Bug Box, for kids age 0-13 years ($29.99/month), includes a personalized selection of 3-4 books along with inspiring and educational bonus items. Or, if you have two little ones, opt for the Reading Bug Box for 2 ($51.00/month), which includes books hand-chosen for each child.

The boxes grow with your child, and you can update interests and reading level anytime.

Order by the 20th of the month to receive the most current box.

3. Bookroo

bookroo box susbcription

Price: $19.95 – $24.95 / month

Shipping: U.S. and Canada only

About the box: Kids ages 0-10 will love their personalized Bookroo box. Designed to help your young ones fall in love with reading, Bookroo offers three levels of subscription depending upon your child’s age and reading level, and within each level, each box is carefully tailored to deliver hidden gems they’re guaranteed to adore. Plus, each book is individually gift-wrapped to elevate the excitement!

There are three options: Board Books ($19.95/month), Picture Books ($19.95/month) or Chapter Books ($24.95/month). Board Books is designed for babies and toddlers up to age 3 and includes three kid-friendly board books. Picture Books is recommended for kids aged 2-6 and includes two hardcover books per month.

For older readers, Chapter Books delivers two chapter books each month, perfect for kids from 7-10 years old. Or, if you have two kids in different age groups, opt for the Alternating Box which alternates between board and picture books every month.

Boxes ship on a rotating schedule depending on subscription date.

4. Baby Tote Box


Price: $16.99 / month

Shipping: U.S. only

About the box: You know your baby is going to outgrow those cute little onesies anyway, so why not make buying them a little easier? Baby Tote Box is the perfect way to keep your new little one looking cute and stylish without breaking the bank.

Each box includes a personalized clothing item plus either 3-4 monogrammed decals (with the Personalized Bundle box, $16.99/month), or 3+ premium baby products (with the Premium box, $32.99/month). You can customize your own gender, size and style preferences to ensure each box is a joy to open.

Plus, all bonus items are carefully selected to be useful and practical for baby and mama alike, so you’ll never receive anything you don’t want. Boxes ship on the 22nd of the month, so order by the 19th to receive the most up-to-date box.

5. Hoppi Box

hoppi box baby subscription

Price: $75.00 / month

Shipping: U.S. only

About the box: If your little one loves to play, Hoppi Box is perfect for you! Hoppi Box is a quarterly (every 3 months) delivery of clever educational toys to support your child’s physical and mental growth and development.

Curated by child development experts, Hoppi Box is designed to enhance your toddler’s playtime and nurture his or her mind as they grow.

Each box is uniquely targeted to your child’s age and developmental milestone so you can always count on fun, engaging and age-appropriate toys.

All toys are high-quality and eco-friendly, with an eye toward sustainability throughout the production process.

Boxes ship in March, June, September, and December.

6. Kid Curated Books

kid curated books

Price: $34.99 / month

Shipping: U.S. only

About the box: Kid Curated Books is a great way to help your child explore new worlds and develop a love of reading, with four delightful new books delivered to your door each month.

Perfect for kids ages 0-14, there are three different subscription levels depending on your child’s age and reading level. Kids age 0-4 will receive board and picture books, children 4-8 will get picture and beginner chapter books, and kids 8-14 can look forward to fun and challenging chapter books.

All subscriptions are $34.99/month regardless of age, and no matter what you choose, every box will come with a diverse selection of empowering, engaging stories to help your young one’s mind and imagination grow. Boxes ship on a rolling schedule, 5 days after your order.

7. The Boy Box

the boy box infant subscription

Price: $9.99 – $23.99 / month

Shipping: U.S. and Canada only

About the box: This one’s for the boys! Dress your little guy in stylish outfits and accessories without spending a ton of money by subscribing to The Boy Box, the only baby subscription box specially designed for busy moms of young boys.

Choose from the Bibdana/Hat subscription, $9.99/month, or the Curated Clothing box, $23.99/month. The Bibdana/Hat box includes – you guessed it – an adorable custom bibdana plus a hat, and the clothing box contains 2-3 handpicked clothing items in new styles and patterns each month.

Everything is designed to be not only adorable, but practical too – everything is durable, comfortable, and built for playtime.

Orders ship the last week of every month.

8. OneZee Me

onezeeme baby subscription box

Price: $32.99 – $65.95 / month

Shipping: U.S. only

About the box: Love dressing your little one up in cute onesies, but hate wasting time and effort at the store when you know they’re just going to grow out of it in a few months?  

OneZee Me to the rescue!

This clever monthly baby box delivers a selection of adorable onesies to your door each month, handpicked to your specifications.

Choose from 2 ($32.99), 4 ($49.99), or 6 ($65.95) onesies a month. Every onesie has a theme, and depending on your subscription you’ll receive such one milestone onesie, one to two personalized with baby’s name, one to two based on your specified interests, and one seasonal outfit. This is the perfect gift for busy parents who can’t find time or energy to go shopping for new baby clothes all the time.

Boxes ship the first week of the month and new subscriptions need to be in by the 23rd of the previous month to be current.

9. Tribe of Little Readers

tribe of little readers

Price: $24.00 – $30.00 / month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: It’s no secret that reading more is the key to developing a healthy mind. Tribe of Little Readers is determined to supply your child with all the Usborne reading supplies they could want to stay engaged and mentally active as they grow and learn.

Each box is full of hand-picked books including new titles and hidden gems, specifically chosen for your child’s age and interests. Choose from a two-book ($24.00/month) or three-book ($30.00/month) subscription, or try the limited-edition Adventure Box ($26.00/month) to receive one book plus one activity kit like finger painting, foil art, or origami.

Orders ship on the 1st of every month.

10. Milestones

milestones subscription baby box

Price: $59.00 / quarter

Shipping: U.S. only

About the box: Designed by – and for – busy parents of kids aged 0-4, Milestones aims to make life a little easier on you. Each box is custom-curated with fun and educational items tailored to your child’s interests and developmental milestones.

You can expect 4-7 items in each quarterly box, such as educational toys, books, and other child-friendly gear. At checkout, you’ll complete a detailed survey, and from there the Milestones team will put together a new box each month, handpicking items just for your little one’s unique needs.

Every item is designed to promote fun, engaged learning and support your little one’s mental and physical development.

All orders ship on the 17th of the month, so order by the 15th to stay current.

11. Mama & Baby

mama baby box

Price: $20.00 / month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: The Mama & Baby Box is a practical solution for busy and overtired moms who can’t seem to find the time to stock up on new supplies, much less make time for themselves.

Each box includes practical items like baby wipes, lactation treats, car seat canopies, onesies, and much more. Plus, there’s always a special surprise for mom like a face mask, makeup, or a yummy snack. It’s all packaged with love and designed to make new motherhood just a teensy bit easier on you. What’s not to love?

Boxes ship the first week of the month, so order by the 30th to receive the next month’s delivery.

12. Bayside Baby

bayside baby

Price: $29.99 / month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Specially designed to celebrate your baby’s first year of life, Bayside Baby delivers 5-6 full-size, high-quality lifestyle, baby care and self-care items like skincare, apparel, toys, and accessories to make parenting easier and give you more precious time with your baby.

All items are organic, non-toxic, all-natural and eco-friendly so you can rest easy knowing you’re starting your baby (and yourself!) off on the right foot. 3 items are chosen for baby, and 2-3 are chosen for mom, so there’s something for everybody.

Just choose your baby’s gender – or, if you’re buying in preparation for a baby that’s not due yet, choose ‘it’s a surprise!’ to receive gender-neutral items.

Orders ship around the 4th of the month so order by the last day of the month to receive the following month’s shipment.

Quick! While the baby’s asleep!

We get it. You want the absolute best for your little tyke, but it can be tough to navigate the crazy world of baby and child supplies.

You barely have any time as it is, and with so many brands and reviews and products out there to choose from, it can seem overwhelming even on a good day.

A specially-tailored subscription box designed for your child’s unique age, needs, and developmental milestones, can take a little bit of weight off your shoulders and let you get back to the great part of parenting – watching your child grow and learn.