The 10 Best Monthly Baking Subscription Boxes

Baking brings back cherished memories of childhood kitchens and grandma baking fresh, warm cookies.

Fast forward a few years to our fast-paced lifestyles making it hard to find the time to bake something from scratch. Store-bought treats just don’t compare to the quality and freshness of something homemade.

When you subscribe to a monthly baking box, all of the ingredients and tools you will need to bake come right to your door. Baking has never been easier, and with lots of inspiration and step-by-step instructions, even a beginner can have fresh-baked goods in no time.

Box Name

What’s Inside?

# of Items



The Baker’s Dozen

A new dessert recipe and ingredients every month.  

​Enough  to make 1 recipe



Happy Bakers Club

Baking-related merchandise, tools and accessories.




Red Velvet NYC

DIY baking kits and all the ingredients needed for 2 desserts.

Ingredients for 2 desserts.



Mix Box by Homemade Bakers

Baking kits including step by step instructions and pre-measured ingredients.   

Ingredients for 1 recipe.

$26.95/ month



2 baking kits delivered every other month

2 baking kits

$36.95/2 months



A bake from scratch box with top quality ingredients and edible decorations. Includes recipe card and occasional baking tool.


£9.99 – £14.99/month


All Things Cake

Cake, candy, cupcake, and cookie decorating supplies.


$24.99/ month


The Innocent Baker

Gourmet baking box with recipes, pre-measured ingredients, and baking tools.

Ingredients for 1 recipe plus baking tools

$29.99 CAD/month


My Baking Box

Recipes, ingredients, and bakeware.

1 recipe and all non-perishables needed to make the recipe.



Bake Then Brew

Dairy-free cookie dough, gourmet coffee, loose leaf tea.


$39.99- $54.99/month


1. The Baker’s Dozen

bakers dozen1 baking delivery box

Price: $24.00

Shipping:  US

About the box: The Baker’s Dozen delivers a new recipe and all the ingredients needed to make that recipe to your door every month. It includes all the non-perishable ingredients as well as any special small kitchen tools that you’ll need to complete the recipe.

The ingredients are high quality, and the instructions are easy to follow.

This is the perfect box for beginner and more casual bakers. A great option if you want a sweet treat without all the planning involved in baking.

Some of the recipes have included peach scones, cannolis, and ice cream cookie sandwiches. To make the box a true baker’s dozen, your 13th box will be free after you have ordered 12 boxes.

The box ships by the 4th of every month.       

2. Happy Bakers Club

flour shop baking subscription box

Price: $39.99/month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: The BakingBox from Happy Bakers Club is filled with gift and specialty items for the passionate baker. The items are unique, custom-designed and baking related, including things such as jewelry, bags, pillow covers, recipe books and more.

The company works with up and coming artists and designers to make sure that everything is high-quality and unique.

You will be getting a deal with this box as all of the items are specially priced for subscribers. Some examples of past boxes have included necklaces with a whisk charm, and shirts and mugs with slogans such as “Life is what you bake it”. All of the items are cute and unique and perfect gifts for someone who has a passion for baking.

They ship on the 5th of every month.

3. Red Velvet NYC

red velvet nyc monthly baking box

Price: $49.00/month

Shipping: US

About the box: Red Velvet NYC makes baking easy and fun with two DIY gourmet baking kits delivered to your door every month. You receive all the pre-measured ingredients (just add eggs) along with a recipe card.

The recipes are designed to be easy to follow while still teaching you new baking tricks and techniques. The company promises high-quality ingredients and home baking that will end up looking restaurant quality. Some previous recipes have included applesauce cake in a caramel glaze, tiramisu, and pastry cream.

Boxes arrive on the first Thursday of every month.

4. Mix Box by Homemade Bakers

homemade bakers subscription

Price: $26.95/ month

Shipping: US

About the box: Mix Box provides baking kits so you can create homemade desserts and baked goods in your own home. The box comes with a recipe and pre-measured ingredients to bake one treat every month. The boxes are suitable for beginner, intermediate, or advanced bakers.

The company promises fresh ingredients and never just store-bought mixes.

They also provide “swap” emails so you can pick and choose what you will be baking that month. Recipes are themed to suit the month. For instance, July featured an American Flag Confetti Sheet Cake, and October features a Pumpkin Roll.

These baked goods will be sure to get you in the mood for the changing seasons and feel all the coziness that baking brings you.

They ship all boxes the first week of the month.   

5. SoBakeable


Price: $36.95/2 months

Shipping: US

About the Box: SoBakeable includes portioned ingredients, decorations and instructions to bake two desserts every other month. SoBakeable includes all the ingredients except for butter, milk, and eggs. Some previous boxes have included lemon shortbread cookies and rose cupcakes.

All of the treats are well-decorated, and Pinterest-worthy – the SoBakeable website is filled with inspiration.

There are two subscription options to choose from. The Chocolate Lover is for those who crave rich and decadent flavors such as chocolate, caramel, toffee, and vanilla. The Surprise Me box is a mix of varying flavors such as fruity, tart, and rich.

They ship around the 16th of every other month.

6. All Things Baked

all things baked1 box

Price: £9.99 – £14.99/ month

Shipping: UK

About the box: The Baker Box from All Things Baked provides baking kits every month. The boxes include a recipe card with simple instructions, ingredients, decorations, and sometimes a free baking tool.

Each month is a surprise recipe, and ingredients are chosen from top quality brands. You need to supply the eggs, flour, and butter.

The goal is to have you baking from scratch (perhaps with your family) without using cake mixes. Each month is a different type of baked good including cakes, biscuits, bread, and pastries.

All Things Baked also has options for those with dietary restrictions. For a slight increase in fee, you can order a gluten-free box or a vegan box so you can still enjoy the pleasures of baking without worrying about the ingredients.

They ship on the 10th of every month.

7. All Things Cake

all things cake baking subscription box

Price: $24.99/ month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: The Cake Life box by All Things Cake is the ultimate box for cake lovers. Each month you receive new supplies, tools, home décor, and festive wearables. The boxes come with decorating supplies for cake, candy, cupcake, and cookies.

Each box is valued at over $50.00, so you’ll be sure to be getting a good deal! The boxes come with free shipping, quality tools and supplies, on-trend accents and edibles. This is great for experienced bakers and those who want to stay inspired with new and trendy decorations.

Boxes ship the first week of the month.

8. The Innocent Baker


Price: $29.99 CAD/ month

Shipping: Canada

About the box: The Innocent Baker is a Canadian company that delivers gourmet baking supplies and ingredients. Each box comes with pre-measured ingredients, a recipe card that’s easy to follow and a surprise gift.

Their mission is to provide you with all the fun of baking without any of the hassle. You don’t need to have any baking experience, just follow the instructions on the recipe card.  You just need to provide the eggs, milk, cream, and butter.

The Innocent Baker wants you to be surprised so they keep their current month boxes a secret.   But previous recipes have included chai spiced cinnamon buns, and almond layer pavlova with blueberry compote and strawberry whipped cream.  That should give you an idea of what to expect.

Boxes ship the first week of every month.

9. My Baking Box

my monthly baking box

Price: $39.00/ month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: My Baking Box comes with one recipe and all the non-perishable ingredients needed to make that recipe. Every recipe is easy to follow and even includes pictures so that even the most inexperienced baker will know what to do.

You also receive any bakeware you may need including measuring cups, cake pans, and piping bags.

The recipes can be saved for future use, as well as all of the bakeware so you’ll be sure to be inspired to bake with many future projects. My Baking Box provides everything you need to open it up and start baking! A great option for beginners out there.

10. Bake Then Brew


Price: $39.99 – $54.99/month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Bake Then Brew is a unique baking baking delivery box that pairs dairy-free cookies with loose leaf teas, gourmet coffee, and a surprise gift. This is an excellent box for lovers of baked goods and connoisseurs of tea and coffee. The cookies need to be spread out and baked in the oven for delicious hassle-free homemade cookies and then you have a cozy, warm beverage to go along with it.

There are two subscription options to choose from. The Premium Box contains 2 packages of cookie dough, 4oz of loose leaf tea, 8oz of coffee, and a special gift. The Deluxe box contains 3 packages of cookie dough, 8oz of loose leaf tea, 16oz of coffee, and a gift.

Bake then Brew ships on the 5th of every month.

Fake it ‘til You Bake it

Baking is an excellent hobby that allows you to develop a useful skill while also having sweet treats to eat. With baking subscription boxes baking has never been easier.

There are options for beginners who need detailed instructions or more advanced baking kits for those experienced bakers. You can make everything from cinnamon buns to pies to pavlovas with these baking kits.

You’ll be sure to have Pinterest-worthy desserts in no time!