15 Best Art Supply Subscription Boxes

Attention all artists!

Are you tired of endless trips to the art store, trying to find the perfect tools for your next masterpiece?

Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to the ultimate solution, Art Supply Subscription Boxes!

Not only will you be able to stock up on your essentials with ease, but you’ll also discover new and exciting products that will inspire your creativity.

Let’s pop some color into your creativity!

Editor Note: All the subscription boxes are listed in descending order by rating (5→1).

Watercolor Subscription Box Featured
Let’s Make Art

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Each monthly art box is designed to cater to both new and seasoned artists alike, providing a plethora of watercolor supplies and tutorials to inspire, support, and elevate the creative experience. Whether you’re just starting out or have honed your skills, the monthly box offers everything you need to bring your artistic visions to life.

The monthly box comes equipped with four watercolor projects, complete with accompanying video tutorials released on a weekly basis. The supplies include watercolor paint, watercolor paper, outlines, and graphite paper, all of which are of the highest quality to guarantee a smooth and successful creative journey.

For those who subscribe to the monthly box, there are several perks to enjoy. A 15% discount on each box is just the start. Subscribers are given early access to exclusive and limited edition products, and receive videos before everyone else on the first of each month. The subscription portal makes managing and updating your subscription a breeze, and there is no commitment required – you can cancel at any time. Consistency is key, and with this monthly art box, you’ll have everything you need to keep your creative journey thriving.

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The Adults & Crafts Crate Featured
The Adults & Crafts Crate

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Adults & Crafts Crate provides monthly delivery of everything needed for a unique and trendy craft project right to your doorstep! From wood burning to terrariums to cement work and beyond, this convenient service offers a wide range of projects to dive into.

Each crate comes with materials, accessories, tools, and easy-to-follow instructions, ensuring that subscribers can learn a new craft skill every month. Ranging from clockmaking to embossing to wood working, the possibilities are endless.

Say goodbye to the time, money, and frustration of sourcing supplies and let Adults & Crafts Crate do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on the fun part – crafting! The finished products are not only beautiful, but functional or both. You can use them or show them off to the world.

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DIY Kids Crafts Kit – Award Winning Kids Art and Craft Box Featured
We Craft Box

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For those seeking a fun and stress-free way to bond with their kids, look no further than We Craft Box.

Each month, subscribers can expect to receive a package containing 2 to 3 carefully prepared crafts, eliminating the need for any prep work. This allows for quality time to be spent together building and creating lasting memories through creativity.

With seasonal crafts at their fingertips, parents can now connect with their kids in a fun and imaginative way. So why not try We Craft Box and make crafting an effortless and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

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Monthly DIY String Art Kit Featured

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With every Monthly DIY String Art Kit, subscribers are given the opportunity to unleash their inner artist and create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

The box includes all necessary supplies, including a selection of templates for those who prefer to play it safe, but with ample room for creative interpretation.

Each quarter, subscribers can expect a set of seasonal designs to add to their collection. The high-quality products included in each box ensure that every creation is nothing short of extraordinary. All that’s required is a hammer and a touch of imagination!

Special requests for holiday boxes can also be accommodated with substitutions available upon request. So, whether you’re looking for a solo escape or a fun activity to enjoy with a friend, this string art subscription box is the perfect choice.

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Craft in Style: Monthly Craft Supply Kit Featured
Craft in Style Box

Boxes From:


If you’re a fan of making things by hand, this box is the perfect solution for you! Each month, you’ll receive a new DIY project, complete with easy-to-follow instructions, all the supplies you need, and a bounty of stylish freebies.

The crafts offered are diverse, ranging from terrariums to clay marbling, candles, gold gilding, sun print photography and more.

This Craft In Style Box is a convenient and time-saving solution for anyone who loves to get creative.

The kit comes with everything you need to complete a unique project, including supplies, tools, and step-by-step instructions. You’ll also receive special freebies that are just for you!

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Fiber of the Month Club (NOT YARN) Featured
Paradise Fibers

Boxes From:


Every month, subscribers are treated to a thrilling experience with a new box filled with exclusive fiber blends. Accompanying the box is a newsletter packed with helpful tips, tricks, and tutorials.

Members also receive exclusive bonuses and discounts, and have the opportunity to engage with the online community by sharing their work and potentially earning rewards.

The fibers included range from luxurious options such as Merino wool and silk, to other high-quality rovings like Alpaca, Bamboo, and Cashmere. Join this fiber paradise club for a taste of the ultimate fiber experience!

Each box typically has a value of between $50 and $70 and includes 6 to 8 ounces of custom blended fibers.

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Doodle Crate Featured

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The Doodle Crate is a platform for young creators to unleash their imagination. With a wide range of fun crafting tools and techniques to explore, kids can experiment and see just how far they can push the limits of materials.

Crafting with the Doodle Crate not only helps build confidence and a strong sense of self, but also teaches kids to approach challenges with determination and persistence.

The crates are crafted by a talented team of experts, including former teachers and child development professionals, and are rigorously reviewed by an advisory board of education, psychology, art, and science professionals. This ensures that the projects are both developmentally appropriate and incredibly enriching.

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Maker Crate Featured

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Maker Crate is a monthly craft box that inspires makers of all levels to explore new art and design tools. With a focus on discovering fresh techniques and drawing inspiration from real designs, each crate offers hands-on projects that are both fun and functional.

Craft enthusiasts and experienced makers alike will enjoy the high-quality materials included in every crate, which provide all the supplies necessary to bring their artistic vision to life.

The creative learning experience is enhanced with easy-to-follow video instructions and inspiration to guide makers through each project.

With unique and engaging projects each month, it’s a never-ending journey of creativity and self-expression.

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Scrapbook Kits_002 Featured
Scrapbooking Store

Boxes From:


The Scrapbooking Store offers a unique shopping experience for scrapbook enthusiasts. Their monthly subscription box provides a curated selection of handpicked scrapbooking supplies, ensuring a new and exciting project each month.

Each box is filled with 12×12 double-sided pages, stickers, cutouts, and other embellishments that are sure to spark creativity.

Members have the option to upgrade and receive even more embellishments like stickers, jewels, buttons, and brads, with over 70 pieces in every kit.

To top it off, a monthly project inspiration sheet is included to guide scrapbookers on their creative journey.

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ArtSnacks Featured

Boxes From:


ArtSnacks offers a monthly subscription box, packed with an assortment of premium, high-quality art supplies that are sure to inspire creativity.

Each delivery is a surprise, showcasing new products, exclusive supplies and limited-edition tools, that have been carefully selected and tested to work perfectly together.

The monthly box comes complete with a “Menu” that provides subscribers with an overview of each product, tips for best practices, and exciting new techniques to try. With 4-5 full-size products included in every box, subscribers can be confident that they will receive a diverse and exciting range of materials every month.

As an added bonus, subscribers have access to an exclusive online community, where they can connect with fellow artists, share their creations, and gain access to even more inspiring resources.

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Home Made Luxe Featured
Home Made Luxe

Boxes From:


Home Made Luxe offers a monthly surprise to anyone who’s ready to let their creative side shine!

With each crafty box, subscribers are given all the materials necessary to bring Pinterest-inspired projects to life. From substantial yet easy projects that can be done solo or with friends, to detailed step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, and bonus crafts, Home Made Luxe has everything you need to bring your vision to reality.

The number of items in each box varies, but the goal remains the same: to make crafting accessible, fun, and stress-free. Whether it’s a cozy night in, a girls’ night out, or a romantic date, Home Made Luxe is the perfect way to get crafty.

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Paletteful Pack Monthly Premier Featured
Paletteful Packs

Boxes From:


Paletteful Packs is a monthly art subscription service that strives to deliver the best art supplies right to your doorstep. Each box is filled with all the materials you need to unleash your creativity and produce a masterpiece. T

he company offers multiple subscription options, including the Premier Pack with 5+ artist-quality supplies, the Petite Pack with 4+ artist-quality supplies, and the Young Artist pack for ages 8 and up with 4+ items.

The supplies range from pencils, pens, oil paints, sketch pads, tool sets, and many more.

With free shipping, Paletteful Packs makes it convenient for artists to receive the supplies they need to bring their artwork to life.

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Craftsman Crate Featured
Craftsman Crate

Boxes From:


Craftsman Crate is a must-have for anyone who enjoys working with their hands. Each kit comes with everything needed to complete the project, so there’s no need to run to the store for extra supplies.

Each kit is designed to teach timeless skills and techniques that can be used again and again. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced craftsman (or woman), the clear guidance and instructions will make sure you have a successful project every time.

This monthly subscription box is perfect for both men and women and makes a great gift for anyone who loves to work with their hands and develop new skills.

With Craftsman Crate, you’ll never run out of new projects to try and the memories you make will last a lifetime.

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Project Box Monthly Featured
Project Box Monthly

Boxes From:


Crafting just got easier with Project Box!

Designed for both experienced and aspiring crafters, Project Box provides a unique and engaging experience that blends learning with doing.

Delight in the high-quality materials and detailed instructions that guarantee success with every project. From quilling to stamp carving and mandala painting, Project Box offers an opportunity to experiment with potential full-time hobbies.

Plus, with techniques and projects that are easily replicated, you can use what you learn to make your own gifts or even start a side hustle.

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I'm The Chef Too! Educational Cooking Kits | Blending Food, STEM & the Arts into Educational Fun! Featured
I’m The Chef Too!

Boxes From:


“I’m The Chef Too!” is an exciting monthly subscription for kids that combines food, STEM, and the arts for a fun and educational adventure!

Each box includes a yummy recipe, a STEAM activity, pre-measured ingredients, and specialty supplies, so kids can bake and craft their way through their favorite topics.

From Geology to Astronomy, Zoology to Art, these screen-free experiences are developed by moms, educators, and kids, and approved by the experts.

So, join the culinary journey and ignite your imagination with “I’m The Chef Too!”

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Unleash Your Creativity

And there you have it folks!

The world of art supply subscription boxes is truly a game-changer for artists everywhere.

No more endless trips to the store, no more trying to decipher which supplies are worth your money.

Instead, you get a monthly dose of inspiration and creativity delivered right to your door. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect one for you. So, why settle for an average art experience?

Sign up to any one of the featured boxes and get ready for a colorful journey full of endless possibilities!