The Best Car Subscription Boxes for Car Guys

When you love cars, you really love cars.

We auto fanatics can never get enough of anything related to our favorite hobby, and we’re eager to show off the huge amount of work we put into our vehicles, from detailing and maintenance to collecting car-related merch and reading all the auto content we can get our hands on.

Let’s face it. We’re obsessed with our cars, and we’re proud of that fact.

So, what to get the car lover who has everything?

A car subscription box is a great place to start. From specific car models to collections with a little bit of everything, there’s something for every car lover here. Read on to find the perfect auto enthusiast subscription box for you.

Box Name

What’s Inside?

# of Items



PetrolBoxA variety of items for car enthusiasts like clothing, tools, detailing supplies, and more2-7$19.95-$39.95/monthWorldwide
PonycrateA shirt and accessories specially designed and selected for Mustang enthusiasts3-4$29.95-$32.95/monthWorldwide
RPM CrateA magazine, a shirt, and extra accessories for a variety of car fans5-6$29.95/monthWorldwide
Auto CrateOne t-shirt plus assorted car gear and accessories3-4$10.99/monthWorldwide

1. PetrolBox

my petrolbox auto crate subscription

Price: $19.95-$39.95/month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: PetrolBox is the premier monthly subscription box for car guys who love variety. Each month, you’ll receive a brand-new box full of car gear and accessories.

Expect everything from shirts and novelty items to useful tools and detailing kits. Plus, every month all subscribers are entered into a contest to win a new set of wheels.

Choose between two membership options: Basic, $19.95/month, includes 2-3 items. Premium, $39.95/month, comes with a total of 5-7 items. Whatever box you choose, you’ll fill out a short profile outlining your clothing and glove size, and then every month you’ll receive an exciting shipment of new swag.

Order by the 15th to receive the most recent box. All orders ship on the 17th of the month.

2. Ponycrate


Price: $29.95-$32.95/month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Mustang owners and enthusiasts, this one’s just for you! Celebrate your love for Ford’s most iconic sports car with a new collection of Mustang-related gear and supplies each month.

Every shipment includes a new custom-designed Mustang shirt to share your car love with the world, plus extras like car wash equipment from brand name suppliers so you can keep your whip looking fresh.

Plus, every shipment includes Mustang-related collectibles and more. A monthly subscription costs $29.95 for shirt sizes S-XL, and $32.95 for sizes above XL. Subscribers can also shop past shirts on the Ponybox website.

Orders go out between the 11th and 15th of each month.

3. RPM Crate

rpm crate

Price: $29.95/month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Whatever your car obsession, RPM Crate has a subscription that’s made for you! This is the subscription for the true car fanatic, with something to read, wear, and do inside each box.

Every month, you’ll get a shirt, a copy of RPM Magazine, an air freshener, and detailing gear or other car accessories – a total of 5-6 items with an average value of over $30. All subscription options are $29.95/month.

Choose between JDM, Muscle Car, European Brands, or spring for all of the above. Just specify your shirt size at checkout. Now you can look forward to awesome gear every month and be the envy of your whole car-loving crew.

Orders ship the third week of the month.

4. Auto Crate

auto crate car subscription box

Price: $10.99/month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: For a budget-friendly auto subscription box, look no further than Auto Crate. For only $10.99/month, you’ll receive an assortment of gear and accessories for your car, along with a new T-shirt every month.

Gear can include items like detailing kits, tools, stickers, and more. You’ll always receive items from trusted, established brands so you can count on the quality.

Shirt sizes run from S to 3XL, so just specify your size at checkout, and you’ll have your new box in no time. Car gear and shirts in one small, budget-friendly package – what’s not to love?

Get a Move on!

Us car fanatics already spend all our time and money on our vehicles, so why not expand that obsession and add a new subscription box to the mix?

Whether you fancy specific models, like the Mustang, are a fan of European engineering or muscle cars, or you just love finding the latest gear and accessories to keep your car in perfect condition, there’s sure to be a subscription box perfectly suited for your unique taste.

And if you have other car lovers in your life, why not gift them a subscription, too? After all, it’s fun to share!