The Best Monthly Home Chef Subscription Boxes

Cooking is a lifelong passion for some people but a real pain for others.

You may find it time-consuming making meals from scratch and challenging to come up with new recipe ideas every week. Maybe you often end up ordering in or eating out. However, cooking at home saves money and is healthier for you!

Subscription boxes are a great way to get you cooking at home as you will be inspired with new recipes and ingredients every month! Recipes are pre-planned and pre-measured, so you’ll save time while you save money. Whether you need cooking tools or fancy spice blends, there is an option for everyone.

With boxes from all over the world, you can taste food from Africa to America and everything in between without ever leaving your kitchen! Take your cooking skills to the next level with these home chef subscription boxes.

Box Name

What’s Inside?

# of Items



Culinarie KitGourmet and artisan ingredients, tools, toys, exclusive Culinarie spice blend.Varies$49.95/3 monthsCanada/US
Piquant PostFour unique spice blends and four recipes.8$11.99/monthWorldwide
QuocoNowInnovative and easy-to-use kitchen tools.4-5$39.00/monthWorldwide
CHEFTRUNKThree professional chef’s ingredients and a surprise mystery gadget.4$24.95/ monthUS
Spice MadamSpices, seeds, culinary mixes, recipe cards, and music playlist.10-15$20.00/monthUS
Cajun Crate7+ full-size Louisiana food and drink products.7+$39.00/monthUS
Simple SuppersQuick and flexible meal kits for busy families.4$54.95/monthUS
Farm to PeopleUnique, USA-made food products.3-5 or 5-8$29.95 – $49.95/monthUS
Us Authentic Italian ExperienceDinner kits filled with artisanal products made in Italy and recipe instructions.Varies$35.00/monthWorldwide
Spicery Recipe KitsTwo recipe kits with measured spice blends and recipe cards.2$12.00 /monthWorldwide
SpiceBreezeTwo to four spice kits delivered every month with recipes from different countries.2-4$5.90 – $11.85/monthCanada, US

1. Culinarie Kit

culinarie kit chef subscription box

Price: $49.95/ 3 months

Shipping:  Canada, US

About the box: Culinarie Kit was founded on the premise that anyone can cook! They want to inspire you to learn and grow as a chef.

You will receive a variety of ingredients and tools that will be sure to get you to try new recipes and learn about new ingredients. Every professional chef had to start out somewhere, and Culinarie wants to give you that start!

The subscriptions are quarterly, and each box is themed. Ingredients are sourced from artisan vendors, so every item you receive is of high quality. The box also comes with tools of the trade, toys, and an exclusive spice blend created by the Culinarie chef. This is an excellent option for aspiring chefs or for those who are looking to branch out their culinary tastes and learn about new foods and flavors.

Culinarie kit contains no animal products. It ships every three months and comes in eco-friendly packaging.

2. Piquant Post

piquant post

Price: $11.99/month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: iquant Post wants to open up the whole world to you! Each month you receive recipes and spice blends that are inspired by different global cuisines. This is a great option for those looking to expand their palate or those who love to eat out at ethnic restaurants but want to save some money and learn to cook the food for themselves!

Piquant Post comes with four different spice blends every month as well as four step-by-step recipes for you to follow along. This way, if you want to try new foods, you don’t have to have a shelf full of spices that you will only ever use once! You merely need to buy the other ingredients that you will use up immediately while following the recipe.

The spice mixes are freshly-ground and are free from fillers or preservatives. You’ll also have access to their website where they post such recipes as tandoori chicken skewers, Turkish quinoa salad, and Portuguese cod with fideos.

Orders ship on the 15th of every month.

3. QuocoNow

quoco now1

Price: $39.00/month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: QuocoNow aims to inspire you to become an at-home chef by providing you with all of the kitchen tools that you will need to use every day!

QuocoNow wants to help you save money by eating out less. They’ve even broken it down on their website – you can save over $900 a year by going out to dinner less often, and over $2000 by bringing your lunch to work every day.

All of the kitchen tools that they provide are fun (they believe cooking should be fun!), innovative, and space-saving items which won’t clutter your countertops.

When you sign up your first three boxes are themed – Cooking Essentials, Everyday Entrees, and Baking Basics. After that, you will continue to receive 4-5 curated items every month.

There are meal ideas posted on their blog that are nutritious and help you save money, as well as information on ingredients and cooking tips. All of the items are packed in a usable food take-out box.

This is a perfect option for someone who is beginning to cook, or has just moved into an apartment or starter home and wants all the tools that they need but don’t have much space!

Boxes ship on the 8th of every month.


cheftrunk home chef subscription box

Price: $24.95/ month

Shipping: US

About the box: Do you want to learn how to cook like a professional chef? CHEFTRUNK aims to inspire and aid you in that goal. They want to ensure that you have the right ingredients and products needed to reach your full cooking potential.

Each month you receive three special chef-tested ingredients to cook with and hopefully inspire you to create your own signature dishes. There is also a surprise gadget in every box.

Furthermore, CHEFTRUNK provides recipe ideas and tips, as well as tricks of the trade from a 30-year celebrity chef.

This is the subscription box option for you if you have always wanted to take your cooking to the next level. Soon you’ll be throwing fancy dinner parties and all your friends will be raving about your cooking.

Boxes are themed as well, with their first box ever featuring artisan Italian ingredients.

Orders ship on the 4th of every month.

5. Spice Madam

spice madams

Price: $20.00/month

Shipping: US

About the Box: Spice Madam wants you to experience the world through both food and music. Each box contains 10 to 15 items and includes spices, seeds, culinary mixes, recipe cards, and a music playlist. The items are all vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free!

If you love world cuisine but aren’t sure how to cook outside of your own culture, then this is an excellent box for you.

The music adds a whole extra element as you can listen as you are cooking and get a feel for the culture. The box also comes with cultural facts every month so you’ll be learning as you prepare!

Furthermore, Spice Madam provides endless inspiration through their Instagram page which features recipes such as quinoa pilaf, roasted eggplant with a miso-ginger glaze, and creamy lemon sorbet.

The great thing about this brand is that 5% of each box is donated to a charity that works to support children. So you’ll be doing good while you’re exploring the world from the comfort of your own home.

They ship the second week of every month.

6. Cajun Crate

cajun crate subscription box for chef

Price: $39.00/ month

Shipping: US

About the box: Cajun Crate is for anyone who loves Louisiana cooking! The box is filled with over seven full-size food and drink products made in Louisiana. Products have included roux, barbeque sauce, and seasoning sauce, as an example.

Each month has a different theme but all focus on Lousiana products and Lousiana cooking. The box also comes with product guides and recipes featuring old favorites and new twists.

At Cajun Crate, they love their heritage and culture, and that comes through in the delicious products and recipes that they pack every month. Some recent brands have included The Cajun Spoon Chicken and Dumplings and Slap Ya Mama hot sauce. Their facebook page also includes ideas of what to make with the products and fun facts about Louisiana’s rich history and culture.

They ship on the 15th of every month. Shipping is free!

7. Simple Suppers

simple suppers

Price: $54.95/ month

Shipping: US

About the box: Simple Suppers is designed for busy families who want to eat good meals but don’t have a lot of time to prepare them.

This subscription box comes with four meal kits per month, and each meal serves 4-6 people. At least once a week you won’t have to worry about planning a meal or getting it on the table in time.

The meals are designed with time in mind. Each of them has minimal prep work and require no chopping or measuring. Most recipes take about thirty minutes. Clean-up is minimized as well as all non-refrigerated items are pre-mixed and measured.

The recipes are also designed to be customizable, so you can substitute meat, dairy, or produce to meet your family’s dietary needs.

Recipes include things like tamale pie, honey-brushed chicken with coconut-date rice, and herb pork tenderloin with maple butternut squash.

Boxes ship the 4th of the month.

8. Farm to People

farm to people monthly subscription

Price: $29.95 – $49.95/ month

Shipping: US

About the box: The Farm to People box wants to bring American-made food to your doorstep. Each box comes with artisan food created by independent makers from all over the United States.

The meals are gourmet-quality and contain no artificial additives or GMOs. The company’s mission is to make it easy to discover artisanal food from small-batch producers.

Each month has a new theme and includes stories from the makers of the food so you can get to know where it comes from! The box also includes recipes every month.

There are two subscription box options to choose from. The Casual Foodie Tasting box is $29.95 and includes 3-5 full-size products every month. The Food Critic Tasting Box includes 5-8 full-size products every month for $49.95.

Boxes ship mid-month.

9. Us Authentic Italian Experience


Price: $35.00/ month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: This box is perfect for any Italian-food lover who wants to make sure that they are eating authentic food with top-quality ingredients. All of the products included inside of the box are made in Italy and used by some of the most prestigious Italian restaurants around the world.

Italian food is definitely a crowd-pleaser, and with this box, you’ll be able to master the tradition with authentic recipes, which come from Sicilian grandmothers.

Each kit serves up to four people. Recipes have included spaghetti with clams, crema di pistacchi, and ricotta ravioli.

Boxes ship on the second week of every month.

10. Spicery Recipe Kits

the spicery susbcription for chefs

Price: $12.00 /month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Travel the world with Spicery Recipe Kits! Each month you receive kits for two different recipes including carefully selected spice blends which are pre-portioned. The meals are enough to feed four people. All you have to do is add the fresh ingredients and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Dishes come from all over the world and include meals such as chicken pathia with cardamom rice and Nigerian suya kebabs with chili sauce.

This box is meant to inspire you and to get you to try new things and new cuisines for your taste buds. The recipes are designed to be fun and easy to follow, which is evident by the bright and colorful packaging! Recipes are innovative and often include classic British comfort food with a new, spicy twist!

Boxes ship on the 27th of every month. Shipping is free worldwide!

11. SpiceBreeze


Price: $5.90 – $11.85/month

Shipping: Canada, US

About the box: With SpiceBreeze you’ll never be bored with your dinner! This subscription box offers favorite meals from around the world that you can make with very little time or effort.

The recipes are simple, and entrees are selected for their variety from different regions of the world.

The box comes with freshly-ground spices that are pre-portioned for easy cooking. You just need to add the fresh ingredients. None of the spices contain MSG, artificial colors, or flavors.

There are two options to choose from; the Duo Box which contains two dishes per month for $5.90 or the Quad Box which includes four servings per month for $11.85.

Some of the recipes have included things like Shakshuka, Buddha Bowls, and Fatoush! Recipes are divided into different regions including Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, and South America.

You select the shipping schedule for this box!

Someone’s in the Kitchen!

Whether you want to try new recipes, learn to cook, or even take your cooking skills to the next level there is definitely a subscription box option for you.

Cooking is amazing because you can use it to travel the globe without ever leaving your kitchen. Food indeed does bring people together so why not start cooking and hosting some fabulous dinner parties!

These boxes will be sure to inspire you! There are so many delicious foods from different cultures to discover. Start cooking so you can get to the most important part – eating!