The 15 Best Monthly Coffee Subscription Boxes

If you’re a coffee fanatic, you know there’s way more to a humble cup of joe than meets the eye. A fine cup of coffee, with its rich aroma, complex flavor, deep color, and smooth finish, is something worth savoring – much like a fine wine, beer, or whatever beverage other people might enjoy.

The caffeine fix? Well, that’s just a bonus.

And what better way to try new flavors and explore the wide world of coffee than with a subscription box that allows you to try exciting new roasts every month? It’s a match made in heaven!

So step aside Pumpkin Spice Latte. The monthly coffee boxes below are tailor-made for folks who’d prefer to enjoy their coffee without all the artificial flavors.

Fresh-roasted single-origin beans, gourmet K-cup sample packs, exotic roasts from around the world, and gifts for highly-caffeinated bookworms are just some of the many amazing subscriptions available for coffee lovers.

Box Name

What’s Inside?

# of Items



Coffee and a ClassicA classic novel and a beverage, plus book-related gifts5+$28.99 – $39.99 / monthWorldwide
My Coffee and Book ClubMicro-roasted beans or grounds, plus two hardcover books of your favorite genre2-3$38.99 / monthU.S. only
Single Cup Club15 K-Cup singles (5 each of 3 blends)15$12.99 / monthU.S. only
Bookishly’s Tea and Book ClubCoffee or tea and a pre-owned book2-3£10.00 – £16.00 / monthWorldwide
One Heart CoffeeOne 8oz bag of coffee plus items revolving around a theme, all supporting rescue petsNot specified$49.95 / monthSelect countries (see list)
Hawaii’s Coffee Tour1-2 specialty Hawaiian coffees1-2$34.99 / monthWorldwide
Brothers Coffee CompanyFresh roasted coffee in a variety of roast and size optionsNot specified$18.00 – $45.00 / monthWorldwide
Apostrophe BoxBooks, coffee, and other goodies2-6$28.99 / monthU.S. only
Coffee CrateThree 4oz bags of artisanal coffee3$29.00 / monthWorldwide
Aloha CrateGourmet Hawaiian treats, including coffeeNot specified$19.95 – $44.95 / monthWorldwide
Match Made Coffee2 bags of gourmet beans, plus tasty cookies4$19.95 / monthU.S. only
Victory CoffeesPremium coffee in your preferred roast and grind styleNot specified$30.00 / monthU.S. only
Jolly Roger Roasting Company Single-origin small batch coffee beansNot specified$25.00 – $90.00 / monthU.S. only
Heartwood Coffee ClubFresh-roasted coffee beansNot specified$15.00 / monthU.S. and Canada only
Bell Lap Coffee1-3 bags of coffee shipped within 48 hours of roasting1-3$12.95 / every two weeksWorldwide

1. Coffee and a Classic

coffee and a classic subscription

Price: $28.99 – $39.99 / month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Bookworms, this one’s for you! Coffee and a Classic makes it easy to curl up with a cozy book and a tasty beverage.

There are two subscription levels: the Starter box includes a classic book, something to sip (like coffee or tea), two bookish gifts and a bookmark. The Standard subscription consists of all of the above plus a coffee mug and is packaged in a high-quality photo box. Take your pick between classics, children’s classics, or classic nonfiction.

Every box is themed around that month’s classic novel so you can immerse yourself in a new literary world with every shipment. Boxes ship the last week of the month.

2. My Coffee and Book Club

my coffee and book club

Price: $38.99 / month

Shipping: U.S. only

About the box: Yet another fantastic option for bookish coffee lovers, My Coffee and Book Club has a whopping eight genres of novels to choose from – just specify your favorite at checkout.

Every month, you’ll receive two hardcovers chosen from your selected genre, plus an eBook, plus – of course – 12oz of gourmet micro-roasted coffee, either beans or ground, and always a new and unique blend.

Book genres include acclaimed fiction, acclaimed nonfiction, mystery, thriller, horror, romance, sci-fi, or fantasy – or you can choose to be surprised each month.

Whatever you choose, subscriptions cost $38.99/month and boxes ship the first week of each month.

3. Single Cup Club

single cup club coffee subscription box

Price: $12.99 / month

Shipping: U.S. only

About the box: If you’ve got a Keurig or other single-serving coffee maker at home but still want to be able to enjoy gourmet craft coffee without sacrificing convenience, then the Single Cup Club was made for you.

This coffee box subscription includes 15 K-Cups per month in three unique flavors. Never settle for store-bought K-Cups again with a Single Cup Club subscription.

All the K-Cups come from small-batch independent coffee roasters and are chosen for their robust flavor and premium quality. Plus, if you find a blend you adore, you can easily order additional K-Cups in the Single Cup Club online store. It couldn’t be easier!

Boxes ship on the 1st of every month so order by the last day of the month to receive the following month’s box.

4. Bookishly’s Tea and Book Club

bookishlys tea and book club

Price: £10.00 – £16.00 / month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: For those who love the feeling of wandering through used bookstores to discover an exciting pre-loved novel, Bookishly’s Tea and Book Club is a dream come true. This box combines your choice of ground coffee (£10.00) or gourmet tea (£13.00) with a vintage paperback handpicked by the Bookishly team.

Or, upgrade to the Classic of the Month Club, £16.00, to receive a brand-new classic novel packaged in an exclusive Bookishly dust jacket, along with plenty of gourmet tea.

The coffee is enough for four to five cups, and the tea box contains four tea pyramids, with a new flavor each month. Orders ship on a rolling schedule depending on which subscription option you choose.

5. One Heart Coffee

one heart coffee box subscription

Price: $49.95/month

Shipping: Select countries only (see site for details)

About the box: Give back to animals in need while you enjoy your favorite coffee by subscribing to the One Heart Coffee Box. This cruelty-free, rescue animal-themed subscription box includes an 8oz bag of coffee, an animal/rescue-related T-shirt, and additional items supporting that month’s theme – think accessories, stationery, coffee mugs and more.

Each coffee bag is decorated with pictures and information about dogs who are available for adoption, and proceeds from each box go to support animal rescue organizations.

Choose your shirt size at checkout – all boxes are $49.95/month regardless of size. Boxes ship the first week of each month.

6. Hawaii’s Coffee Tour

hawaii coffee tour in a box

Price: $33.00 / month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Go on a journey to the lush islands of Hawaii without leaving the comfort of your own home with a coffee bean subscription from Hawaii’s Coffee Tour. Each month, you’ll receive coffee crafted by a new Hawaiian coffee farm or roastery, from the islands of Hawaii, Maui, Oahu and Kauai.

Each shipment includes 1-2 bags of gourmet coffee beans, along with other Hawaiian specialty items. You’ll enjoy this whirlwind tour of the Aloha State as you sample new beans, roasts, and blends every single month so you’ll never get bored.

Sadly, a trip to Hawaii is not included in the box, but this is the next best thing!

Orders ship the last week of the month, and because beans are freshly-roasted and time is needed to prepare orders, order by the 14th to receive the next box.

7. Brothers Coffee Company

brothers coffee company

Price: $18.00 – $45.00 / month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Brothers Coffee Company is committed to delivering ethically sourced, globally responsible coffee without compromising on flavor. The roasters that Brothers works with are specifically chosen for their commitment to sustainable, ethical and responsible coffee practices.

Each batch is fresh-roasted and delivered as quickly as possible to ensure the most delicious flavor possible.

Each month, you’ll receive 1-3 12oz bags of delicious coffee beans in your choice of roast (light, medium, or dark) and with a new roaster chosen each month, you’ll always have a new and exciting selection of beans to sample. Plus, a portion of proceeds from each box are donated to Grounds for Health, a charity committed to screening and testing for cervical cancer. Boxes ship the first week of the month.

8. Apostrophe Box

apostrophe box monthly coffee subscription

Price: $28.99 / month

Shipping: U.S. only

About the box: If you love perusing the bestsellers list to find out what to read next, the Apostrophe Box might be perfect for you. This box delivers new and recently-released hardcover books along with one 12-16oz bag of gourmet whole-bean coffee and special extras to enhance your reading experience – think socks, stationery, tote bags, and more.

You’ll always get at least one practical, usable gift (like a coffee mug or candle) along with plenty of fun stuff, too.

All coffee is sourced from small-batch American roasters. This box is in high demand and sells out quickly, so register online to be informed of the next available shipment.

9. Coffee Crate

coffee crate

Price: $29.00 / month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Send your taste buds on a specialty coffee adventure every month with a Coffee Crate subscription. Your monthly shipment includes three 4oz bags of whole-bean coffee, along with roaster’s notes and special gifts to enhance your coffee enjoyment.

All beans are locally roasted right in North Carolina, and each shipment will feature a new rotation of craft coffee roasters. Plus, every box includes an artisanal sweet treat for you to enjoy with your cup of joe.

Because all coffee is freshly roasted, boxes are delivered using USPS Priority 2-day shipping to ensure you can enjoy your beans at the peak of freshness. Boxes ship on the 15th of each month.

10. Aloha Crate

aloha crate coffee subscription

Price: $19.95 – $44.95 / month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Enjoy a taste of the tropics every month with an Aloha Crate subscription. In addition to fresh Kona coffee, your box will include a sampling of Hawaiian sweet and savory treats from across the islands.

Simply choose from the Iki (starter) crate at $19.95/month or the Nui (large) crate at $44.95/month. Either way, you’ll be on your way to the sweet taste of Hawaii delivered right to your door.

Iki crates contain 4-6 local treats, while Nui crates contain 4-10 products including some full-size items. Everything is chosen for its relevance to Hawaii’s diverse food culture, including both local snacks and international ones.

Orders ship on the 10th of every month.

11. Match Made Coffee

match made coffee subscription box

Price: $19.95 / month

Shipping: U.S. only

About the box: Is your coffee addiction paired with a serious sweet tooth? If so, then Match Made Coffee is, well, a Match Made in heaven!

This coffee and cookie pairing box delivers a sweet combination of fresh-roasted international craft coffees plus gourmet cookies, selected for their complementary flavors. Every box includes two bags of gourmet coffee beans and two gourmet cookies, for a delicious indulgence that’s sure to please.

Every bag of beans is hand-picked by the Match Made team to ensure the highest quality, and you’ll receive a new selection of beans each month so the flavors will never get old. Plus, the tasting team hand-selects complimentary cookie flavors to ensure a culinary pairing like no other.

Orders ship the third week of each month.

12. Victory Coffees

victory coffees

Price: $30.00 / month

Shipping: U.S. only

About the box: Guaranteed to be the freshest coffee available anywhere, Victory Coffees packs and ships all orders within just three days of roasting. It’s never been easier or more convenient to get gourmet craft coffee delivered straight to your door without breaking the bank.

With five blends to choose from – dark, medium, light, espresso, and decaf – there’s an endless amount of variety to be had.

You can customize the number of beans you receive depending on how much coffee you drink, so you’ll never waste beans. Plus, you can choose from ground, beans, or even K-Cups so you can receive your coffee just the way you want.

And it’s all organic and fair-trade certified. What could be better?

13. Jolly Roger Roasting Company

jolly roger roasting company

Price: $25.00 – $90.00 / month

Shipping: U.S. only

About the box: If you consider yourself an elite-tier coffee snob, look no further than the Jolly Roger Roasting Company. Each month, you’ll receive a handpicked selection of small-batch, single-origin coffee from all around the world.

With different roasters chosen each month and the whole world to choose from, you’re not likely to run out of great-tasting fair-trade beans anytime soon.

Each batch is roasted fresh and delivered straight to your door for the maximum possible flavor and freshness, and each batch is roasted to perfection for its own unique flavor profile so you’ll never get a generic, big-box, ‘burnt’ tasting cup of joe. Stop settling for mediocrity – choose a Jolly Roger subscription instead.

Coffee is shipped out as soon as it is roasted.

14. Heartwood Coffee Club

heartwood monthly coffee box

Price: $15.00 / month

Shipping: U.S. and Canada only

About the box: Great beans and no BS is what Heartland Coffee Club is all about. This bimonthly coffee subscription delivers ethically sourced, fresh-roasted beans (shipped within 24 hours of roasting) straight to your door.

Choose from weekly, biweekly, or monthly plans – each shipment is $15.00 and contains one 12oz bag of carefully sourced beans roasted at the peak of freshness.

Choose from the Roasters Pick, a single-origin light roast, the Birdseye, a medium-roast blend, the Rosena espresso blend, Old River dark roast, or the light-medium Decaf Roast.

With the ability to customize your delivery frequency and change your preferred roast at any time, it couldn’t be simpler to have fresh-roasted coffee delivered as often as you like.

15. Bell Lap Coffees

bell lap coffee subscription service

Price: $12.95 / every two weeks

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Bell Lap Coffees sources sustainable beans from ethical growers around the world, roasts beans to order and flash-ships them within 48 hours of roasting to ensure peak freshness and flavor when you brew a cup.

With seven subscription options, five blends, and multiple sizes and delivery frequencies available, the possibilities are almost endless.

Simply choose your frequency – biweekly or monthly – and whether you prefer whole beans or coarse, medium or fine grind.

Each 12oz bag of coffee costs $12.95. Orders go out on a rolling basis, and every order placed by 6 pm Monday is roasted Tuesday and shipped on Wednesday, so you’ll never get stale beans.

Brew up some fun!

There you have it: whatever your (coffee) flavor, there’s a coffee subscription service out there that’s perfect for you. And a coffee subscription box can make the ideal gift for that tough-to-buy-for person in your life.

Whether they have a love of literature, enjoy tropical holidays, or just need a reliable source of artisanal beans every month, a coffee subscription box is sure to please.

So why not ditch the store-brand beans and invest in a worthwhile cup of joe?

Your taste buds will thank you!