The Best Comic Book Subscription Boxes

There are very few things more exciting than going to the local bookstore or comic shop each month and picking up that newly released issue of your favorite series.You’ve been waiting patiently and finally get to see how your favorite characters are going to fare in this month’s trials and tribulations.But there is something that can maybe one-up this experience. The feeling when the new month brings an entire box of comics and merch straight to your door!Whether you’re looking to build your collection, find a new series, or get some cool merchandise to show off – there is a comic book subscription box perfect for you.

Box Name

What’s Inside

Monthly Price

Number of Items

Age Rating

Heroes Worldwide

Comic books, graphic novels, DVDs, merchandise




Ladies of Legend

Female character themed comics, graphic novels, and merchandise





Comic books, graphic novels,  and manga





First print DC and Marvel comics




1. Heroes Worldwide

heroes worldwide comic book subscription box

Most superhero and comic subscription boxes make wonderful gifts for adult fans. But as awesome as they are, not so many are age appropriate for children.The staff at Heroes Worldwide have caught on and made a fun, exciting and wholesome comic monthly subscription box for your son, daughter or grandchild.You can choose between the Junior Cape Crate (for elementary aged children), the Girl Power Pack, the Cape Crate (their original box), and the Star Wars Crate.In each box, you can expect an assortment of five or more items including comic books, toys, shirts, DVDS, merchandise, and games.The Heroes Worldwide box is $29.99 per month and ships worldwide. All boxes are sent by the 14th of the month.

What We Like:

  • checkGreat for kids!
  • check4 different kinds of boxes to choose from
  • checkHigh-quality merchandise

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It’s possible to get repeat boxes
  • Items are easy to find in stores

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2. Ladies of Legend

ladies of legend comic book subscription box

Tired of boxes where it’s mostly the dude superheroes taking the spotlight?The creator of Ladies of Legends is.Disappointed by the lack of reasonably priced female character merchandise, she has put together an inexpensive comic subscription box for fans who are also fed up. Ladies of Legend is a subscription box that focuses each month on a featured super lady.Ladies of Legend offers two choices per month – a hero and a villain/and-hero. All featured characters will be from the Marvel or DC universe. If you don’t like either of the characters offered, no worries, you can skip the month and won’t be charged for it.Each box will contain a few comics or a graphic novel, a Funko figure and various other items all featuring that month’s characters. Previous boxes have included accessories, apparel, merchandise and other goods.The Ladies of Legend subscription box is priced at $17.99 per month and ships within the United States as well as internationally. Shipments are between the 5th and 10th of each month.

What We Like:

  • checkA box finally focused on female characters
  • checkOption to skip certain boxes
  • checkRetail value of the box greatly exceeds subscription price

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Only DC and Marvel universe characters

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3. ComicRealm

comicrealm com comic subscription box

The ComicRealm subscription box will definitely deliver you your money’s worth and then some. This is a must have subscription for any comic collector. For only $19.99 a month, you will often find that you are getting a mystery box with contents valued at $50 or more!Inside this box, you will get a mixture of five variant, signed and remarked comics as well as graphic novels and manga. The ComicRealm includes issues from companies like DC, Marvel, Image and Dark Horse.To help you build your collection, there will be new and older issues and all items will come bagged and boarded. And to prove the value of your new comics, inside your signed and remarked issues will be a certificate of authenticity.ComicRealm ships worldwide from the United States and ships out around the 26th of each month.

What We Like:

  • checkAffordable way to start a collection
  • checkCertificates of authenticity inside signed and remarked issues
  • checkManga is included in this box

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Box contents are a complete mystery–no sneak peaks

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4. ComicMysteryBox

comicmysterybox monthly comic subscription

If you burn through your comics, ComicMysteryBox is a great way to keep stocked on new issues to read. This is also a great box for the new or long-term collector.Every month you will be sent 15 new and old issues from DC and Marvel. Every box will contain freshly released issues, back issues, first issues and one-shots. Some of the comics inside can even be 30 to 40 years old!Another great bonus is that you’re guaranteed to never receive duplicates, and the retail value of this box always ranges between $50 to $90.If you prefer to receive only DC comics or only Marvel comics, let them know. They’ll be happy to supply you with issues from only your favorite company.The monthly subscription price of this box is $27.95, and you will receive it 3 to 6 days after your purchase. But sorry international readers, ComicMysteryBox is currently only shipping within the USA.

What We Like:

  • check15 issues at a great value
  • checkYou’ll never be sent duplicates
  • checkYour choice of all DC, all Marvel or a mix of both
  • checkVintage and brand new issues inside

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Only ships within the US

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Comic Book Subscriptions Vs. The World

Whether you’re in it for pure entertainment or to expand your collection, it can be hard to choose which subscription box makes the cut.

But you can narrow down your choices a little bit by deciding if you’re looking more to collect, to discover or to simply get a mix with some fandom goodies.

No matter what you decide to prioritize, there’s no better way than to get a surprise assortment delivered right to your door.Worth keeping in mind is that comics aren’t always kid-friendly so be careful if you’re purchasing any of these plans as a gift for someone under 13.

But no matter who it’s for, ordering a subscription box is an excellent way to gift others or yourself to the many worlds of the comic book universe.