15 Best Monthly Arts and Crafts Subscription Boxes

Doesn’t everyone want to be a little more creative? In today’s world, our busy lifestyles and round-the-clock schedules mean we don’t always have the free time to visit the craft store or think up a new creative DIY project.

But arts and crafts are proven to have benefits like stress relief and relaxation, and creating something with your own hands is a surefire way to boost your creativity.

With an arts and crafts subscription box, you can skip the prep work and have a unique new project delivered right to your door each month.

Whether your vice is paper art, calligraphy, textiles, or you want a simple DIY project to dip your toes into the world of crafting; there’s a subscription box out there that’s right for you.

Read on to explore some of our favorite monthly craft box options.

Box Name

What’s Inside?

# of Items



Paletteful Packs

A variety of art supplies




The Inky Box

Lettering tools, supplies, and hand-lettered greeting cards




The Adults & Crafts Crate

Everything you need to make a trendy DIY craft project

Not specified



Scrapbooking Store

A 12×12 scrapbook kit plus a full sticker sheet

Not specified


U.S. only

Art Tarte

A variety of art supplies and stationery plus inspiration tips

Not specified



Creative Mercantile

A mix of crafting supplies like stickers, stamps, washi tape, and more





A selection of full-size premium art products



U.S. only


Knitting or crocheting projects customized for your skill level

Not specified


U.S. only


Themed greeting cards and a matching pen



U.S., Canada and U.K. only


A 16-page coloring book designed by indie artists


$21.00/every 3 months


Teakberry Box

A selection of stationery, paper craft embellishments and planner accessories




We Craft Box

A monthly craft designed for the who family to make together

Not specified


U.S. only

The Hippie Hobby

A DIY project kit

Not specified

$23.95/every other month

U.S. only

Kid Wonder

Imaginative play boxes centered around a new theme each month

5+ items


U.S., Canada and U.K. only

Put a Stamp on It!

Supplies to create one-of-a-kind greeting cards

Not specified



1. Paletteful Packs

paletteful packs craft subscription box

Price: $23.95-$35.95/month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Whether you’re a budding artist trying to develop your skills or you’ve been drawing and doodling your whole life, Paletteful Packs has a box for you. Each month, you’ll receive a selection of artist-quality art supplies to help you get started in creating your next fantastic work of art.

Choose between the Paletteful Petite Pack, $23.95/a month, the Premier Paletteful Pack for $39.95/month, or the Young Artist pack at $30.95/month.

The Premier Pack, Paletteful’s classic box, includes a selection of high-quality art supplies from pencils to paints to watercolors and beyond. The Petite Pack is a mini version of the Paletteful Premier pack and contains 4-6 art supplies perfect for those looking for a more cost-effective way to try new supplies each month.

For future Picassos, the Young Artist pack is a perfect choice, featuring a selection of art supplies specifically curated for younger artists.

Orders ship on the 1st of the month and orders must be placed by the 15th to receive the following month’s box.

2. The Inky Box


Price: $14.99-$39.95/month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Calligraphers, this one’s for you!

Fuel your creativity with a monthly selection of lettering tools, greeting cards, pens, markers, and other supplies perfect for anyone who loves letter art.

The classic Inky Box, at $39.95/month, includes a selection of items such as markers, pens, stencils, practice sheets, and stationery along with hand-picked greeting cards. Or, if you want a smaller dose of lettering magic each month, opt for the Inky Box Mini.

At $14.99/month, the Mini contains 2-4 lettering tools selected from that month’s Inky Box, with an average value of over $15. Orders ship the first week of the month and all new subscriptions must be placed by the last day of the month to receive the next month’s box.

3. The Adults & Crafts Crate


Price: $33.00/month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: It’s no secret that crafting can be a fantastic stress reliever and creative outlet for busy adults, but who has the time to spend hours browsing the aisles at the craft store deciding what to make?

This craft subscription box for adults makes crafting easy and accessible to all by sending you all the supplies you need to make a new DIY project each month, with easy-to-follow, frustration-free instructions.

Every project is beautiful and functional, so you’ll have something fantastic to show off when you’re finished. Past projects include wine caddies, a wine & cheese chalkboard serving tray, a DIY clock, wood burning, and more.

At $33.00/month, it’s easy and affordable to make crafting a new habit. After all, crafting is cheaper than therapy! Orders ship around the 20th of the month.

4. Scrapbooking Store

scrapbooking store

Price: $15.99-$22.99/month

Shipping: U.S. only

About the box: Serious scrapbook fanatics, look no further – this is your dream box! For only $15.99 a month, you’ll receive a new 12×12 scrapbooking kit each month that includes everything you need to make a beautiful new scrapbook project.

The kit includes double-sided acid- and lignin-free paper, cutouts, and a full sticker sheet, along with a project idea kit full of inspiration to get your creative energy flowing – a total of over 70 pieces per box.

For $7.00 more, you can upgrade your box to receive 2-3 extra goodies in your box such as washi tape, more stickers, jewels and more. New orders must be placed by the end of the month to receive the most current box.

5. Art Tarte

art tarte craft box subscription

Price: $25.00/month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Art Tarte is a curated collection of exclusive art supplies, creative inspiration, and an added dose of stationery sent to your door each month.

For $25/month, each box contains 5-10 items such as themed stationery, glitter paint, pens, writing tools, pencil pouches and more, along with tips and tricks sure to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing.

Not only is each box expertly curated by the creative and crafty Art Tarte team, but in addition every single box is hand-painted for a little extra delight. Upon subscribing, you’ll create a profile so you can be sure your box is tailored to your unique interests, and members can shop previous boxes on the Art Tarte website.

Boxes ship every month on the 10th and orders need to be placed by the last day of the month to receive the following month’s box.

6. Creative Mercantile

creative mercantile monthly craft box

Price: $24.95/month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Perfect for a wide variety of crafters from scrapbookers to stationery lovers and more, the Creative Mercantile box contains everything you need to jump-start your next crafting project.

This craft box subscription includes a number of crafting supplies to fuel your creativity, such as stickers, stamps, clips, postcards, journal cards, washi tape, and more.

Products are sourced from all over the world with a focus on up-and-coming indie designers, so you’ll always be pleasantly surprised. Plus, many of the products are box exclusives that you can’t get anywhere else, and each box comes with an idea sheet in case you need a little inspiration.

Boxes ship the first week of the month and orders should be placed by the 6th to receive that month’s order.

7. ArtSnacks

artsnacks craft subscription box

Price: $24.00/month

Shipping: U.S. only

About the box: Perfect for all kinds of artists, ArtSnacks is a premium subscription box that aims to inspire you with a curated collection of premium art products.

Every month you’ll receive 4-5 full-sized high-quality art supplies along with a ‘menu’ that offers advice and inspiration. Most boxes contain limited-edition items and subscriber exclusives, and it’s all designed to help you discover new products and develop new artistic techniques to support your creative endeavors.

In addition to the classic ArtSnacks box, which costs $24.00/month, the company also offers two premium quarterly subscription boxes: LetteringSnacks, designed for letter art and calligraphy lovers, and WatercolorSnacks, which features – you guessed it – all the supplies your watercolor-loving heart could desire! Each specialty box contains 5-6 premium art materials designed to fuel your creativity, for only $89 per quarter.

Membership also includes access to ArtSnacks’ subscribers-only online community for even more creative inspiration. ArtSnacks boxes ship on the last day of the month.

8. Knit-Wise

knit wise monthly craft kit

Price: $29.00/month

Shipping: U.S. only

About the box: Spin a yarn – or more – with the monthly subscription designed for yarn artists. Whether you’re a knitter or prefer crochet, whether you’ve been doing it for years or are just getting started, Knit-Wise offers a yarn craft box that’s customized to your style and skill level.

This subscription box contains a new project each month, with all the supplies you need to create something beautiful and unique with your own hands. Projects may include accessories, home goods, and more.

Simply choose your craft: knitting or crochet; then select your level (Beginner or Intermediate/Advanced for knitting, Beginner only for crochet). All boxes, regardless of craft or experience level, cost $29/month. Projects build on skills learned each month, so the longer you subscribe the better you’ll get!

Boxes include items like yarn, needles, and accessories, along with detailed instructions even complete beginners can follow. Boxes ship on the 20th of the month.

Orders must be placed by the 18th of the month to stay current.

9. One-Per-Week

one per week

Price: $16.00-$25.00/month

Shipping: U.S., Canada and U.K. only

About the box: Who doesn’t love the feeling of getting a heartfelt letter via snail mail?

One-Per-Week is a greeting card subscription box designed to encourage you to express yourself the old-fashioned way: through paper and pen.

By partnering with talented indie artists and designers from around the world, One-Per-Week is able to create beautifully curated, thoughtful collections of stationery, writing tools, and accessories that will make letter writing a fun habit you look forward to working on.

For the standard One-Per-Week subscription, $25.00/month, boxes contain 4-5 themed greeting cards, 1 writing utensil (such as a colored pen), and occasionally a bonus gift.

For the younger ones, the One-Per-Whenever Kids box features cards designed for boys or girls, containing three cards and three stamps, to help encourage kids to start a letter writing habit early.

Subscribe by the 21st of the month to stay current. Orders ship between the 22nd and 24th.

10. Chroma.club

chroma club art craft subscription box

Price: $21.00/every 3 months

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Adult coloring books are a huge craze nowadays, lauded for their ability to relieve stress and induce relaxation, not to mention being an excellent outlet for creative expression.

Chroma Club delivers a new, beautiful coloring book to your door each month, featuring creative designs produced by independent artists from around the world.

Each book contains 16 pages of soothing, gorgeous designs such as mandalas, floral patterns, and more. Patterns range from beginner to challenging, and you can let your creativity shine by coloring the designs in any way you fancy. Chroma Club is a great way to inject a little more artistic expression into your everyday life.

New boxes ship a week after your signup date, and subsequent boxes will ship on that same day each month.

11. Teakberry Box


Price: $12.99-$25.99/month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Designed for scrapbookers, planners, stationery addicts, and anyone who loves a little bit of paper art, TeakBerry Box is a curated collection of art supplies to help you get started on your new favorite project.

All boxes include at least 10 fun, whimsical and useful items for all your paper art needs, such as stationery, washi tape, scrapbook pages, stickers, decals, handmade embellishments, writing supplies, and more.

Every box also includes a special surprise gift, and new items are added all the time. New boxes are shipped the last week of each month, so be sure to order by the 3rd week of the month to stay up-to-date.

12. We Craft Box

we craft box subscription

Price: $24.99/month

Shipping: U.S. only

About the box: We Craft Box believes that crafting should be a family affair. Every month, you’ll receive a box containing 2-3 prepared crafts for the whole family to work on together.

Boxes include all the supplies you’ll need except for scissors and water, so you can focus on having fun and spending time with your kids instead of taking time out of your already hectic life to buy a bunch of materials yourself.

Each month centers around a new theme, and past boxes have included projects like masks, holiday decorations, wall art, sculptures, and more.

Everything’s kid-friendly, of course, and each box can be shared between up to two children. Plus, each box contains clear, easy-to-follow picture instructions and a unique story to jumpstart your creativity.

Boxes ship the first day of the month, so order by the last day of the previous month to remain current.

13. The Hippie Hobby

the hippie hobby craft subscription

Price: $23.95/every other month

Shipping: U.S. only

About the box:  The Hippie Hobby is a bimonthly surprise DIY craft kit to feed the inner hippie in us all. Each kit contains all the supplies you’ll need to create a unique craft you’re sure to treasure forever, along with detailed instructions.

Most boxes contain items made with natural, recycled or upcycled materials. Past projects have included DIY lip balm, tote bags, aromatherapy diffuser necklaces, melt and pour soaps, and more.

Whether you want a solo project, a family craft, or a girls’ night activity, The Hippie Hobby is a great introduction to DIY projects and is sure to creatively inspire you. Orders ship on the 15th of every other month.

14. Kid Wonder


Price: $24.95-$39.95/month

Shipping: U.S., Canada and U.K. only

About the box: Designed for kids aged 3-6, Kid Wonder is a monthly subscription box that contains a new creative and educational adventure kit each month.

These innovative boxes are designed to help kids express themselves through dramatic play. Each month’s box revolves around a new theme – for example, Animal Hospital or World Traveler.

Boxes contain five crafts or activities along with all the materials you’ll need, step-by-step instructional cards, and an educational activity book featuring age-appropriate activities that support early childhood learning milestones.

With Kid Wonder, your little ones can learn new things and creatively express themselves in new ways while having fun. The classic option, the Little Dreamers Box ($24.95) contains everything you need for one child, while the Siblings Box is designed for two children to share the joy.

Boxes ship on the first of the month.

15. Put a Stamp on It!

put a stamp on it

Price: $36.00/month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: If you like greeting cards, stationery, and paper arts, you’ll love Put a Stamp on It! This whimsical monthly box contains everything you need to make one-of-a-kind greeting cards.

Each month you’ll receive at least 3-6 rubber stamps plus additional accessories – think card stock, blank cards, ink pads, coloring materials, writing utensils, and more, and everything is coordinated so you can be sure anything you create will look beautiful.

With new embellishments, project ideas, and stamps every month, in no time you’ll have everything you need to create beautiful, elegant and creative greeting cards and letters for any occasion. Boxes ship on the 4th of the month.

Start crafting today!

Isn’t it about time you started a new project? With a craft subscription box, you can bypass the legwork and get started on a new solo project, or bring in the whole family to create something amazing.

If you’ve always wanted to explore the world of DIY or make crafting a new hobby, there’s no better way to get started than with a crafting subscription box. Even seasoned veterans are sure to love getting new creative inspiration each month, without all the prep work.

It couldn’t be easier to get started on making a new project you’re sure to cherish forever.