7 Best Kids Clothes Subscription Boxes

It’s already morning again and you’re in a rush.  Again! 

You want to dress your little one up in something cute but don’t have the time to coordinate an outfit. Or maybe you just want to accessorize along with your child’s wardrobe to brighten them up like the star they are.Your child getting dressed in the morning doesn’t have to be mundane or an everyday chore. The perfect outfit or accessory can be exactly what makes them excited to go out into the world that day.Or if you don’t know what to choose while shopping in stores a monthly subscription box will be a lifesaver. A surprise assortment of outfits and accessories will be chosen for you. And shipped right to your home will be a box full of confidence-building goodies.And a subscription box can be a great way to reward your kids for working hard in school or around the house.Whether it be hairbows, costumes or full outfits, every month your little one will running to the door excited. Or maybe you’ll find that it’s you sprinting out the door to check the mail. There are even boxes that normally unenthused teenagers can’t wait to open.


What’s Inside

# of Items

Target Age

Monthly Price

The Bow Box

Cute and holiday themed hairs bows on either clips or bands




The Hair Bow Box

Themed hairbows, headbands and other accessories





Princess dresses, tiaras, wands, accessories, and self-esteem literature




Little Bookish Wardrobe

One book, theme-matching costumes and accessories




My So Bailey

Variety of hair accessories and inspiring activities





“Girl-power” t-shirt, gift, and personalized note




Gumball District

Fashionable and modern graphic tees for kids




1. The Bow Box

the bow box tm clothes subscription for kids

Parents agree their child is the best gift they were ever given. And nothing tops a present better than a cute and beautiful bow. With a selection of adorable bows, The Bow Box will thrill you and your child every month.Inside this box, you will be sent 5-6 gorgeous bows to mix and match. All bows can be ordered as clips, bands or a mixture of both. So if your baby doesn’t have a full head of hair yet, she can still wear an adorable bow attached to a band.Unique to this gift box is the option to get matching bows for sisters or twins. When you order the twins option, you can either receive two of each bow included or just one matching set.And for Mother’s Day to celebrate moms, you will receive a matching bow for yourself as well.The Bow Box is a monthly price of $19.99 per month and ships worldwide from the United States.

What We Like:

  • checkCoordinating bows for twins or sisters
  • checkFun holiday themed bows
  • checkMatching bow for mom around Mother’s Day

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some bows seem cheaply made
  • No examples of past boxes or bows included

2. The Hair Bow Box

the hair bow box kids clothing subscription

Despite being called The Hair Bow Box, you will receive much more than just bows inside this box. You will be surprised with cute and fun headbands, clips, bows, and other accessories every month.A huge perk to this subscription service is that there are age-appropriate options from babies all the way up to teenagers.The Babies box will include six headbands since your baby hasn’t grown her luscious locks out yet. From 1-12 years old, you will receive a variety of headbands, bows, and hair accessories in styles that are popular with their age. And once you order a box for ages 13-18, each box will include three hair accessories along with jewelry, handbags, stationary, and lip glosses.The Hair Bow Box is $25 per month. As of now, they only ship in the United States.

What We Like:

  • check6 different boxes for age-appropriate accessories
  • checkFor every box sold, an accessory is donated to a non-profit
  • checkExcellent customer service

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No international shipping available

3. TuTu-Royal

tutu royal kids clothes subscription box

Every little girl is born a princess, and Tu-Tu Royal wants to make sure she knows it. This monthly subscription will make every girl feel like she’s living in a fairytale. Tu-Tu Royal sends out all the necessary items to transform an ordinary day into a scene from her favorite movies and books.Inside this kids clothes subscription box, you will find a complete princess outfit, wings, wands, tiaras, and other royal accessories to make her feel special and loved. But to encourage that princesses are not only pretty but also smart, compassionate and creative, each box includes STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) related tools.The Tu-Tu Royal box is $20 for the monthly subscription. Tu-Tu Royal ships worldwide from the United States

What We Like:

  • checkFocus on self-esteem and imagination building
  • checkSizes range from a toddler size 2 up to age 12
  • checkA free box is sent to an adoption agency with every purchase

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some of the materials used for dresses are of lower quality

4. Little Bookish Wardrobe

little bookish wardrobe

Smartphones, tablet computers, and television screens are everywhere. And all of them can be amazing entertainment and educational resources for your children. But it’s good to be old-fashioned and power down sometimes too.Little Bookish Wardrobe wants to help give you the precious time to unplug from technology and help your child’s imagination grow.Each box includes a book and a costume to match the theme and characters of the box. The books included are “hidden gems” that perhaps you haven’t heard of before. Each storybook is carefully chosen by Little Bookish Wardrobe’s staff as an emerging publication that deserves to be put in the spotlight.To support the theme, there will also be other gifts and accessories added as a bonus!After the story has been read, Little Bookish Wardrobe has also come up with a way to extend the fun for hours. Interactive role-play questions are also included to spark scene-reenacting and encourage your child to brainstorm ideas about the book.The Little Bookish Wardrobe box is $32.99 per month and ships worldwide from the US. Every box will be sent out the first week of each month.

What We Like:

  • checkImagination nourishing
  • checkInteractive roleplay questions included
  • checkBonus accessories and gifts

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Only recommended for ages up to 7

5. So Bailey

my so bailey childrens clothing subscription box

When she was a little girl, the creator of My So Bailey received a package in the mail. Inside she found a couple of brand new hair clips and an inspiring message filled with love from her grandmother. She never forgot how special that gift made her feel. With this memory in mind, the So Bailey Box was created.The Bailey Box can be described as a “hair party” in a box and is a way for every girl also to experience the joy of getting a love-filled gift in the mail.Inside are three to four high-quality hair accessories that can be paired and matched with hundreds of outfits.But My So Bailey wants to emphasize that it’s important to be beautiful on the inside and the outside. This is why they include “Pay-it-forward” aimed activities. Every box will include instructions on a fun activity that will help others as well as build good character.The So Bailey subscription box is $16 per month. My So Bailey ships worldwide from the United States.

What We Like:

  • checkPay-it-forward inspiring activities
  • checkEven the box is well-designed and eye-catching

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Fewer items than other subscription boxes

6. Girl-a-Tude

girl a tude

Girl-a-Tude is making the world a better place for women – one monthly box at a time. The focus of this kids clothing subscription is helping the next generation of girls to be strong, beautiful, empowered women.With social media and the internet flourishing, girls at a younger and younger age are being exposed to images of ideas of how they think they should look. Unfortunately, society can have a warped view of what a woman should look like. So Girl-a-Tude has taken to the goal of tackling unrealistic body image and focusing on all the wonderful things about being a girl.Included in the Girl-a-Tude box is a t-shirt featuring a positive message, a special gift, and a personalized note.For example, the spring themed box included a t-shirt with a beautiful floral graphic saying “Bloom With Grace.” To match the message, three packets of flower seeds and a starting kit were added to the box.The Girl-a-Tude box is $19.99 a month and ships worldwide from the United States.

What We Like:

  • checkEmphasis on self-esteem and self-love
  • checkFun and surprising themes that change month to month
  • checkPersonalized note in every box

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No returns or exchanges on t-shirts

7. Gumball District

gubmball district

You can send your child to school with style at a great price. Gumball District now offers a monthly box subscription that will send a surprise t-shirt to your door. All the designs at Gumball District are made in-house, so you know you’ll be receiving a one-of-a-kind t-shirt not found in stores.When you check out, just choose from boy or girl option. Some months are gender neutral, and the shirt will be perfect for both genders. If there’s a t-shirt that you loved or missed in any of the boxes, you can go straight to Gumball District’s website and directly buy previously included t-shirts.Because Gumball District understands that children grow quickly, they’ve made it easy to change subscription size. The t-shirts are also made of a high quality, lightweight, soft and durable material to withstand all the wear and tear clothing takes.There are even extra surprises like accessories and toys sometimes thrown in!The Gumball District subscription box is $10 a month and ships worldwide from the United States.

What We Like:

  • checkVery affordable subscription box at $10
  • checkDesigns made specially by Gumball District
  • checkSurprise goodies occasionally added

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No listing of fabric materials or sources

More Than Just a Box of Kids Clothes..

It can be everyday wear or for afternoon playtime with your child. There’s a subscription box that will help you make each day more colorful and exciting. And the clothes in these boxes aren’t only clothes. ​

They’re something for you and your little one to look forward to each and every month. They’re a way to invest in your child’s well-being at a basic and fundamental level. Included in these boxes are the tools to build and grow imagination, creativity, joy and confidence.