The 8 Best Monthly Lingerie Subscription Boxes

Want something new and flirty to spice up your lingerie collection? Or are you tired of wearing the same style of undies day in and day out?

You’re not alone.

The Journal of Gender Studies recently published a paper which showed that women do in fact act and feel different when they purchase new lingerie.

Plus, you don’t want to be stuck doing last-minute lingerie shopping for special occasions just because you don’t have anything suitable to wear with your LBD (little black dress).

The good news is that women now have lingerie subscriptions available to continually replenish their lingerie collections at a nominal fee each month. That way, you can keep your lingerie on fleek without spending hours shopping or breaking the bank.

Read on for details on some of the best lingerie subscription boxes available and what we think of them.    

Box Name

What’s Inside?

# of Items




Lingerie sets, corset, garters, sleepwear, hosiery, accessories

2 to 3

$19+ per month


Empress Mimi

Lingerie sets, hosiery, accessories

2 to 3

£14.95+ per month


The Lingerie Box

Lingerie sets, nighties

2 to 3

$49.95+ per month


Box of Intimates

Lingerie set, accessories, beauty products

2 to 3

£35.95+ per month



Lingerie sets, accessories

2 to 3

$12.95+ per month



Lingerie sets, condoms, sex toys, adult novelties etc.

3 to 5

$9.99+ per month


The POSE Box

Lingerie sets, activewear, accessories, self-care products

4 to 5

$89.95+ per 2 months


Sexie Intimates

Designer lingerie sets


$69.00+ per month


1. SkivvieBox

skivvie box lingerie subscription

Price: $19+ per month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: The SkivvieBox comes with fancy underwear from well-known brands, as well as some high-end custom stuff from independent designers.  It’s a great box to get if you’re obsessed with lingerie – as most women are – because most of the items featured are worth twice the amount of the monthly subscription cost.

They have different subscription options to suit all personality types, from a “Just the Basics” box which would feature a basic set of bra and undies, “A Little Flirty” box, which comes with bra and panty sets that are a little naughtier and sexier, as well as an “Every Night is Date Night” box, that comes with things like corsets, teddies, and other sexy accessories.

Thanks to the Skivvie Guide, you can mix and match items from all three subscription options if you like and get a combination of sexy lingerie and basic underwear.

The company’s also very interactive on social media, which is where they advertise specials and coupon codes that followers can use to get up to 40% off their monthly subscription. Boxes ship out on the 1st of every month.

2. Empress Mimi

empress mimi lingerie subscription box

Price: £14.95+ per month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Channel your inner Anais Nin with the Empress Mimi box, as it comes with a monthly selection of luxurious lingerie for all occasions.

This box makes for a great gift idea thanks to the beautiful packaging that it comes in, and it takes the shopping part out of the equation, as getting lingerie for that someone special can be a bit intimidating.

The Empress Mimi lingerie pieces always feature nice cute details like flower appliques or silk binding that adds a special touch to your look. Plus, the high-quality design and construction mean that only the best materials are used to ensure functionality and support.    

For example, the bras are wire-free to allow for all-day comfort, while the blend of high-performance materials with delicate silks makes for a perfect fit and cute aesthetic.

The best part is that they’ve got different subscription options to choose from, including 1 month, 3 months and 6 month boxes. Packages ship out on the 7th of every month.

3. The Lingerie Box

the lingerie box

Price: $49.95+ per month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: If you’re looking to update your underwear collection with some bespoke and unique pieces, then you’ll love what The Lingerie Box offers.

Each month you’ll get a selection of customized designer lingerie from countries all over the world, including a cute set and nightie.

The colors vary from month to month, but the quality is always on point, with the focus being on soft, decadent fabrics and cute details like adorable little rhinestone insets on the bras or delicate satin ribbons on the undies.

Their subscription options range from monthly to every 3 months, 6 months and 12 months depending on your preferences, which makes them a great gift idea.

The first box will get shipped 14 days after your initial subscription and on the same date each month after that.

4. Box of Intimates

box of intimates subscription

Price: £35.95+ per month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: As the name implies, the Box of Intimates supplies you with some of the most intimate items that you’ll ever wear, including racy undies and barely there lingerie that’s sure to put a happy ending to any date night.

However, this brand gives you the best of both worlds with two subscription options, namely; “Naughty” and “Nice”.

So, on one month, you can choose the “Nice” box and get a more demure but still sexy lingerie set that you can wear to feel confident on an everyday basis. While the “Naughty” box is better suited for special occasions, like anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.

As soon as you sign up for either the Naughty or Nice box, you’ll get the option to fill out a small questionnaire which will help them to send you the perfect fit.

Now, the great thing about this brand is that their sets usually come with one of a kind artisan created products, including fair trade beauty products that you may not have been introduced to otherwise, as well as some cute accessories.

Boxes ship out on the 10th of each month.

5. Underclub

under club co lingerie subscription box

Price: $12.95+ per month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: First of all, we love the packaging that this lingerie box comes in, as we feel that it captures the spirit of the brand, which is fun, flirty and fresh.

The luxury underwear that they deliver each month pretty much follows a similar theme because it always comes in fun and vibrant colors. This is mainly because they work with brands like Natori, Blush, and Cosabella, which are known for making luxurious intimates with flair.

Of course, they offer a vast range of options, from the modest to the more “out there” pieces that’ll make you feel confident no matter what size you are.

Subscription options include the Signature Plan which consists of everyday designer undies made from premium materials, and the Luxe Plan, which comes with items that are more bespoke and exclusive.

Boxes ship out on the 4th day of every month.

6. Rendezvous

rendezvous monthly lingerie subscription

Price: $9.99+ per month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: The Rendezvous subscription is a monthly box of pleasures that comes with what the brand calls “relationship enhancement products”. This includes things like ultra-sexy lingerie sets, adult toys, novelties and premium condoms.

The boxes are typically customized based on your preferences, which you will have provided when creating your profile on their site.

They also offer a newsletter that customers can sign up to and learn more about the products offered by the subscription, as well as sex tips on how to “enhance” your relationship.

Boxes ship out during the first two weeks of the month on a rolling basis.

7. The POSE Box


Price: $89.95+ per 2 months

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: This is more of a lifestyle box that encourages body positivity, female confidence, and self-love through a carefully curated selection of designer lingerie that also embraces the same philosophy.

The great thing about this monthly lingerie subscription is that it’s highly customized – each customer is required to select a style profile that includes your size and preferences. Some of the style preferences provided include “Bold”, “Energy” and “Strength”, each of which represents a different mood, and includes lingerie sets, activewear and self-care products.

The brand connects with clients on a constant basis through their social media channels, as well as their wildly popular blog that goes deeper into the philosophy of the brand.

Plus, a percentage of the proceeds of each subscription box go towards supporting the WiNGS non-profit organization, which focuses on helping women and families in underprivileged areas.

Boxes ship out on the 1st of each month.

8. Sexie Intimates

sexieintimates com subscription box

Price: $69.00+ / month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: The Sexie Intimates subscription box delivers a set of carefully selected designer lingerie from all over the world right to your doorstep. Their lingerie is on the high-end side of things, as they source their items from some of the most exclusive designers, so the shape and texture are always of good quality.

Opt for this subscription box if you’re looking for something a bit more seductive to spice things up in the bedroom, or to improve your underwear game on an everyday basis.  Boxes ship out on the 4th of every month.

In a Nutshell

As you can see, monthly lingerie subscription boxes are a fun and convenient way for a woman to maintain an impressive lingerie collection, without paying out an arm and a leg.

All of these boxes are available at a nominal monthly fee, and you can customize them to suit your style preferences and required fit.

Simply put, there’s no better way to shop for lingerie for busy women that are pressed for time, plus you can opt-out of the subscription any time you like without any problems.