The 13 Best Pen Subscription Boxes

While technology has given us smartphone apps and note-taking software to organize our lives with, nothing beats good old pen and paper to connect with your thoughts, unleash your creativity and feel like you’re on the right track with your life.

Don’t get me wrong, I like using our Evernote apps as much as the next person, but there’s just something special about expressing yourself through pen and paper, and while many might think that writing physical letters and journals is a dying art, the following pen subscription boxes prove the opposite.

As you’ll see, some of these cater to the sentimental gift-card giving romantic, while others encourage creativity, journaling, writing and so much more. So whichever bracket you fall into, you’re bound to find a box that appeals to your sensibilities.

The best part about these boxes is that they renew automatically and you can cancel them at any time you like.

Read on for more.

Box Name

What’s Inside?

# of Items



Cloth & Paper

Pen, planner, dividers, greeting card, thank you card, paper planner inserts

4 to 7

$18 per month



Pens, pencils, notebooks, crayons, pocketbooks, planners

4 to 7

$29 per month


Trendy Memo

Pens, planners, office supplies, healthy snacks, beauty products, desk accessories

2 to 6

$14.99 per month

U.S. and select countries

Say it Simply

Greeting cards, thank you cards, pen, envelopes, stamps


$12.00 per month


In Your CaseStationery Box

Pencil case, pens, pencils, memo pads, rulers, correction tape and more

4 to 5

$19.99 per month


Well Inked Box

Notebooks, journals, pens, paints, brushes

3 to 5

$25.00 per quarter


Busy Bee Stationery

Planners, stationery, pens, stickers, washi tape, notepads etc

5 to 10

$39.90 per month


Saturated in Ink

Fountains pens, paper, ink vials, notebooks, converters etc.

3 to 5

$14.95 per month



Greeting cards, birthday cards, pens, stationery, office supplies

4 to 5

$25.00 per month


Spotlight Stationery

Journals, notebooks, pens, greeting cards


£25.00 per month

Worldwide except for selected countries

Hello Paper Crate

Notebooks, pens, sticky notes, stickers, pencils, rulers, pencil cases etc.

7 to 10

$21.95 per month

U.S. Only

Lush & Urban

Premium quality school supplies like pens, pencils, scissors, rulers etc.

3 to 5

$32.50 every two month


Paper Kitty

Fine pens, stickers, pencils, notebooks, novelty candy etc.

5 to 12

$12.00 per month


1. Cloth and Paper

cloth paper co pen subscription box

Price: From $18.00 per month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the Box: The Cloth & Paper box is all about keeping your life organized in style. Each box comes with a range of fancy stationery and planning tools that look and feel luxurious.

So, what you essentially receive is a monthly selection of high-quality planning tools that will inspire you to write those to-do lists (and stick to them!), and maybe even start journaling more.

The best part about Cloth & Paper is that their customer service is always quick and efficient, and they start shipping out the boxes from the 19th to the 23rd of each month.

Also, they have two different subscription packages available, including the Penspiration Box that contains several different types of pens and pencils delivered to your doorstep, as well as the Stationery Box which features planners and stationery items like pens, journals, notebooks, notecards, envelopes, postcards etc. Shipping is free for U.S. customers.

2. SCRIBEdelivery

scribe delivery paper and pen subscription

Price: $29.00 per month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: The SCRIBEdelivery box contains all the stationery you’ll need for the month, and it usually comes with cool items like notebooks, pens, pencils and markers to name but a few.

Each box comes with something new and fresh based on the theme of that month. So whether it is a pair of unique inscribed pencils, a planner with funky prints on the outside or an inspirational notebook, you’re bound to find something to get excited about.

They ship from the first week of each month and offer a great customer service department.

3. Trendy Memo

memoh box pen subscription

Price: $14.99 per month

Shipping: U.S. and select countries

About the box: The Trendy Memo is a great pen subscription box for students, teachers and anyone else who needs to use pens on a daily basis. They have two different subscription plans to choose from.

First there’s the Trendy Pen Monthly which comes with two chic-looking pens, then there’s the Trendy Memo Monthly box which is more of a “lifestyle” subscription box that usually comes with cute office supplies, healthy snacks, beauty and relaxation products, and even trendy desk accessories that add color and personality to any office space.

The Trendy Memo team starts shipping boxes out from the 1st to the 15th of each month and they’re always beautifully packaged and exciting to open.

4. Say it Simply

say it simply subscription box

Price: $12.00 per month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box:  Say thank you for the little and the big things in life with the creative and fun cards featured in the Say it Simply subscription box. These are definitely not your average greeting cards, as each is beautifully and thoughtfully designed to highlight the message inside.

Plus, each month’s collection of cards also comes with a stylish writing pen so you can start writing immediately after getting your box!

However, what sets the Say it Simply subscription box apart, is the variety of unique designs featured on each card, as well as the simple yet elegant envelopes and stamps that accompany them.

This brand thought of everything when they put this box together, which means that you won’t have to run to the store for anything when it’s time for you to write a card to someone you love and appreciate. Boxes get shipped out from the 15th of each month.

5. In Your Case

in your case stationery box

Price: $19.99

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Want to add a fresh feel and look to your desk? Look no further than the In Your Case subscription box, which comes with a monthly supply of carefully curated stationery in elegant colors and designs.

The box typically features fun yet practical items like a pencil case, one-of-a-kind pens and pencils, memo pads, notebooks and all types of essential stationery items. It’s ideal for students or anyone that uses stationery on a daily basis.

The best part about it is that each box is packed according to a particular theme, and some of the most notable ones so far include Mermaid, Unicorn, Paris, and Marble.

So while you might open your box to an explosion of muted blue supplies on the one month, you’re just as likely to get a box that features flamingo, flower petal and monochrome prints in the next. T

here’s never a dull month with the In Your Case box, and they source their products from well-known brands in order to make sure that the items are high quality. Boxes ship out from the 10th of each month.

6. Well Inked Box

well inked box pen subscription

Price: $25.00+ CAD

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box:  The Well-Inked box is a great find for anyone who enjoys journaling and being artsy, because not only does it come with a collection of unique high-end items each month to try out, but subscribers also get access to the awesome community of like-minded people that this brand has built on their social media channels.

It’s like each box is a nudge to explore your creative side, as you’ll always find something useful that will inspire you to journal more, get organized and be creative more often.

For example, you might get a black paper journal and some gel pens, which will add some excitement to your journaling experience and stimulate your creativity when sketching.

With boxes shipping out from the 15th of every third month, it’s a long wait for some, but worth it when you consider the quality, variety, and attention to detail that goes into each box.

7. Busy Bee

busy bee stationery

Price: $39.90

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Bring some color to your office with a monthly supply of fun and quirky stationery from the Busy Bee stationery subscription box.

Now, you can tell that a lot of thought goes into putting these boxes together, as they always include unique items in exciting designs that you wouldn’t typically find at your neighborhood stationery shop.

Included in the box are things like planners, pens, journals, notebooks and more. It’s a great box for anyone who wants to start writing or journaling more often.  They always switch it up with a different theme each month so you’ll never get bored with this subscription.

Boxes ship out on the second week of each month and usually arrive promptly after that.

8. Saturated In Ink

saturated in ink paper and pen subscription

Price: $14.95

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: In a world where the act of writing letters and thank you cards have given way to sending texts and virtual ecards, nothing beats putting pen to paper to really let someone know that they’re in your thoughts. Now, you’ll have a collection of beautiful fountain pens to do it with.

As the name implies, Saturated in Ink is all about pens – fountain pens to be exact – and it’s ideal for anyone who wants to collect and use fountains pens without breaking the bank.  Each box comes with a unique pen, ink vials, paper to write on and surprise items like converters for your pens or gorgeous notebooks.

It’s a genuinely unique box for the discerning fountain pen lover, and it’ll inspire you to put pen to paper more often. Boxes ship out on the first week of each month.

9. One-Per-Week


Price: $25.00

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box:  Thanks to the Once-Per-Week box you’ll never run out of ways to say Thank You”, “Happy Birthday”, or “I Love You” to your loved ones – and in your own handwriting!

That’s because this box comes with several different greeting and birthday cards as well as a colored pen and even stationery supplies and surprise items thrown in for good measure.

Each month’s supplies are based on a different theme, and whether it is “Color Therapy” or “Splash of Sunshine”, it’ll bring out the creative and sentimental side you. And since sending handwritten cards is so rare these days, your loved ones will appreciate and treasure these cards when they receive them.

You’ll also be glad to know that Once-Per-Week offers excellent customer service, and are very active on social media. In fact, they often post clues on upcoming boxes, but without giving away too much information. Boxes ship out on the last week of each month.

10. Spotlight Stationery

spotlight stationery subscription box

Price: £25.00 per month

Shipping: Worldwide except for selected countries

About the box: If you’re looking for unique high-end stationery box to gift to a loved one, look no further than the Spotlight Stationery subscription box.

You can tell from the look and feel of each product in this box that it was made with love by an artisan who is passionate about their craft.

It is truly a box for the discerning stationery lover, and some of the high-quality products it features include unique journals with embossed patterns covers, high-quality pens and so much more.

Plus, you can shop previous boxes that you’ve missed, or start with a bi-monthly subscription before you commit to a monthly one. Boxes ship out on the 23rd of every month.

11. Hello Paper Crate

hello paper crate subscription

Price: $21.95

Shipping: U.S. Only

About the box: The beautifully packaged Hello Paper Crate comes with an assortment of adorable knick-knacks each month that will quickly add variety to your stationery collection. It’s also ideal for anyone who wants to learn something new like origami, and the products featured often come from places all over the world.

It’s worth considering as a Christmas or Birthday gift for someone who utilizes stationery on a daily basis, and you’ll always be greeted by an explosion of colors, patterns and designs every time you open this box.    

Some of the items contained within include colorful pens, notebooks, sticky notes, stickers, notepads and lots more. Boxes ship out on the 1st of every month.

12. Lush & Urban

lush urban monthly pen box

Price: $32.50

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: The Lush & Urban stationery box is a great way for mums with school-going kids to make sure that they have school supplies on hand at all times. And these aren’t just your average school supplies either, but rather premium quality items that not only last long but perform well too.

Lush & Urban offers two subscription options, including the Junior Box which contains curated items for 5th graders, as well as the Regular Box for 6th-grade students and above.

Each box comes with items like high-quality pens and pencils, crayons; scissors, paint kits and many other essential school supplies, as well as fun extras like motivational quotes and stickers.

Thanks to this box, you’ll always have enough stationery for your child, and you’ll never have to worry about being a part of the back-to-school rush.

Boxes ship out on the 4th of every month.

13. Paper Kitty

paper kitty paper and pen subscription box

Price: $12.99

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: The Paper Kitty box is a fun way to indulge your love for stationery while keeping your pencil case and office space super interesting. There are three subscription plans to choose from; namely Kitty Bliss, Paper Bliss and Paper Overhaul.

The Kitty Bliss and Paper Bliss subscription boxes are very similar, as they contain 5 to 8 items of premium-quality stationery in fun and whimsical designs; while the Paper Overhaul box is chock-a-block with 8 to 12 items in each box!

There is never a dull month with this pen subscription box thanks to its array of cute and colorful supplies. While it mainly contains beautifully designed premium quality stationery, there’s always a few surprises thrown in for good measure, from polka dot sunglasses to novelty candy and stationery holders.

It’s a unique box and would make for a great gift! Boxes ship out on the 1st and 5th of every month.

In a Nutshell

Nowadays, we’re so spoilt for choice when it comes to communication mediums and devices that it’s easy to revert to what’s most convenient -apps and texting!

However, that doesn’t take away from the magic of being able to put your thoughts in black and white and call it sentimentality or romanticism, but we’re suckers for a greeting card and hand-written letters!

So we hope that this article has inspired you to continue appreciating pen and paper in all its forms, from the fun and quirky to the minimalist and elegant.

And thanks to subscription boxes like the ones we’ve featured on our list, you’ll never be without inspiring stationery to get your productive and creative!