6 Best Monthly Period Subscription Boxes

As a woman, it’s inevitable. Every single month brings dreaded cramps, emotional highs and lows, and sometimes horrifying accidental leaks. And it’s a terrible realization when you’ve just gotten your period but forgot to pick up tampons the last time you were at the store. Maybe you just want a bar of chocolate to indulge in without having to leave the house. But those cramps have you staying right where you are. Fortunately, with a monthly period subscription box, taking care of yourself while on your period, can be made so much easier. Just as your cycle arrives every month, a special box to help you out will arrive too! Inside each box, you can get all of the period necessities and pamper items you deserve sent right to your door. 

Box Name

What’s Inside

Number of Items

Ships To:

Monthly Price

Rose War Panty Power

Organic sanitary pads, tampons, panties and lifestyle products


US and Canada only


My Lady Bug

Organic tampons and pads, chocolates, herbal teas


Ireland only


Petal Box

High-quality sanitary pads

1 box full



Elle Box Co.

Organic feminine hygiene products, chocolates, teas, self-care goods


US and Canada only


Ms Flow

Chocolates, makeup, lotions, and candles


UK only



Pads, tampons, chocolates and teas


UK only


1. Rose War Panty Power

rose war panty power period box subscription

Getting your period can really bring you down – you feel cramped, depressed, angry and even powerless. But the Rose War Panty Power subscription box is here to make you feel empowered during your “rose war.” And receiving this box will make you feel better about getting your period every month.This monthly period box includes 12 organic pads or tampons. With your preference in mind, you can select one or the other or a mixture when you check out. And no more frustration and tears over ruined undies. The Rose War Panty Power box has you covered. You’ll also receive two pairs of underwear in the size and style of your choosing. The Rose War Panty Power team wants you to be able to fully take care of yourself during your time of the month. Along with the hygiene products and undies, Rose War Panty Power will also include three to six items entirely focused on making you feel good! These can be chocolates, international candies (in the past Japanese and Korean), handcrafted soaps, and moisturizing face masks.The Rose War Panty Power subscription box is $25.20 per month, and they currently ship only to the United States and Canada. Your box will be shipped out on the 3rd of every month.

What We Like:

  • checkChoice for age appropriate panty style and size
  • checkFun international candies and goods included
  • checkAll organic sanitary pads and tampons

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some past included items seemed irrelevant like binder clips

2. MyLadyBug

my lady bug

Ireland finally has its first and very own subscription box service to help and pamper Irish women through their periods. They know that it’s not just the cramps that are a pain when you get your monthly cycle, so they’ve put together an entire box to help women of all ages feel better. Inside your MyLadyBug box, you’ll find a variety of feminine hygiene brands handpicked every month. You’ll be able to choose between tampons, pads, all-natural cotton versions of both and a mix of all of the above. Big name brands included are Always, Veeda, Tampax Pearl, and Lil-Lets.You’ll also be surprised with different treats like dark chocolate, Pukka tea, and hot chocolate. The Lady Bug Box is €9.99 per month, and they currently only ship to Ireland. The Lady Bug box is shipped out around the 19-20th of each month.

What We Like:

  • checkOption for all-natural hygiene products
  • checkHigh-quality and trusted brands included

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Only purchasable in Ireland
  • No tracking details available

3. my Petal Club

petal box subscription

This a period subscription box with a story! The creator of Petal Box is a dedicated husband who saw how much his wife suffered from not being able to find sanitary pads with the proper absorbency. So he took it upon himself to research and find the best feminine hygiene products out there. Unfortunately, he didn’t find anything that lived up to the standard. So he and his wife decided to create their own products. After several attempts and versions, they finally innovated an exemplary product. They now supply their product to over 300 stores and help women all over the world.Inside the Petal Box, you will receive a monthly supply of their specially created sanitary pads that will leave you never worrying about leaks again. They also include heating pads for cramps, alcohol-free hygiene wipes, and PH testers. The Petal Box is a monthly $8.99 subscription fee and ships worldwide from the United States. 

What We Like:

  • checkSanitary pads are produced and manufactured by Petal Box themselves
  • checkLow monthly price of $8.99 a month
  • checkHigh absorbency pads for all levels of menstruation flow

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No items focused on self-care or on emotional well-being during period

4. ElleBoxCo

elleboxco period box

Started by three lovely young ladies, the ElleBoxCo subscription came to be after the realization that there are so many male-oriented subscription boxes but not so many for women. With the mission of creating a practical, useful and pampering box for women the ElleBoxCo box was born. Every box is focused on exactly what you need and is necessary for getting you through Aunt Flo’s visit.Every month you’ll be sent a box that includes 100% organic pads and tampons. Because other products can include toxins that will enter the body and potentially cause harm, ElleBoxCo believes in shipping only all-natural and healthy products. They promise that you will never find wood pulp, chlorine, bleach, dioxin, pesticides, synthetic fibers, crude oil or rayon in any of the sanitary items included. Along with sanitary goods, you’ll also be sent relaxing herbal teas and chocolate to treat yourself during your period.The ElleBoxCo box is $8.99 per month and as of now only ships in the United States and Canada. ElleBoxCo ships out on the 15th of every month.

What We Like:

  • check100% organic sanitary products with no toxic ingredients
  • checkAffordable at $8.99 per month

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Limited items included
  • Ships to only US & Canada

5. Ms Flow

ms flow period subscription box

If there is a time during the month to treat yourself to luxury, it’s definitely during your monthly cycle. The Ms Flow Subscription box is a pamper-oriented box that’ll make you feel at your best even during your worst week of the month. Inside every monthly box, you will be shipped a mixture of high-quality tampons and pads and artisan care products. You’ll be asked your preference of tampons or pads when you check out. So along with your choice, carefully chosen items to treat you of PMS symptoms and make you feel at ease will be included. These will be relaxation teas, exotic chocolates, aromatherapy candles and skin nourishing lotions. And if you are a little embarrassed about ordering a subscription box for menstruation, rest easy, the Ms Flow Box is discreetly packaged, so nobody will know the contents. The Ms Flow Box is £12.99 per month and currently ships only within the United Kingdom. 

What We Like:

  • checkLuxury artisan self-care items
  • checkHigh-quality feminine hygiene products
  • checkDiscreet packaging

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Only ships in the UK

6. Flux

flux period subscription box

Let Flux take care of you every month. In the Flux period box subscription, you’ll be sent just what you need to make it through your period. With a blog focused on information and articles about your monthly period, you can rest assured you are being sent products chosen by people who know what they are doing.Inside each box, you will receive a combination of well-known UK tampons, pads, and liners. It’ll also be filled with a variety of goodies to make you straight up feel good during your period. And with chocolates, teas, and other treats, you’ll have something to look forward to during your menstrual cycle. Flux will give you the option to fully customize this box to your preferences. Want a specific number of tampons and pads? No problem. Want a bit more chocolate in your box? You’ve got it. This box is all about whatever you need during your period.The Flux box is a monthly subscription price of £3.50 and for now, only ships in the United Kingdom. You can choose the day that it ships out to match your period arrival date.

What We Like:

  • checkHighly customizable box
  • checkYou choose the shipping date
  • checkFits through letterbox mailboxes with discreet packaging

What We Didn’t Like:

  • This is a UK only box

A Monthly Arrival to Look Forward To

Getting your period is never fun. But it no longer has to be a source of shame or embarrassment. You might even find that you want to tell people about your period and the great box you choose.You can embrace your monthly cycle by selecting the perfect “time of the month” subscription box to take care of you. Whether you just want a supply of excellent sanitary hygiene products or a box full of luxurious items to promote self-care, there’s a box that will help you through your red week.By saving you time and money and exposing you to beautiful products, you can add an exciting monthly arrival to your life that counteracts the not-so-exciting one.