The 14 Best Monthly Spice Subscription Boxes

Humans have been using spices to flavor food for millennia. Research shows that we’ve been seasoning food since way before we even started writing.

With that said, a lot of people are still intimidated by the prospect of adding spice to their food because they simply don’t know enough about how to use them, or which spices to combine, and where to purchase the best ones.

If that sounds like you, then you’ll be glad to know that there are spice subscriptions out there that have been created to take the stress out of buying and using spices.

Now you can get the best spices in the world delivered to your doorstep along with recipes and fun facts about their origins.

Whether you’re looking to try out new spices to spruce up your cooking routine or want to outdo your neighbors at the latest neighborhood cookout/ barbecue, we’ve got you covered with a diverse selection of spice subscription boxes to choose from.

Read on for more.

Box Name

What’s Inside?

# of Items



Grill Mas​ters ClubSpices, rub, sauces, wood chips, grilling accessories, recipes4$32.95+ per monthWorldwide
My BBQ BoxCustom blended rubs, spices, one surprise item3$20.00+ per monthWorldwide
Spice MadamSpices, seeds, culinary mixes, recipe cards, postcard, themed music playlist10 to 15$20.00+ per monthU.S.A Only
SpiceBreezePre-proportioned pure ground spices, recipes8 to 10$5.90+ per monthSelected countries
Piquant PostSpices and recipes8$11.99+ per monthWorldwide
Hot Sauce of the Month ClubHot sauce bottle/s1 to 3$12.99+ per monthWorldwide
HeatseekersHot sauce bottles2$19.95+ per monthU.S.A Only
BBQ BoxSpices, rubs, marinades, premium wood chips, edible snack, recipe6$24.99+ per monthWorldwide
Flaming LicksSpices, tasters, hot sauce, condiment, recipe card4 to 8GB £15.99+ GBP per monthSelected countries
Saffron FixSpices, cooking ingredients, bread, recipes10 to 15$49.95+ per fortnightU.S.A Only
All You Can SpiceSpice mix, recipes3 to 5$15.99+ per monthWorldwide
Blazing SaucesHot sauce bottle/s1 to 3$12.95+ per monthU.S.A Only
Pocket Chilli ClubChilli sauce sachets6GBP £3.95+ per monthWorldwide
Spicery Recipe KitsSpices, recipe cards8 to 10$12.00+ per monthWorldwide

1. Grill Masters Club

grill masters club spice subscription box

Price: $32.95+ per month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: If you want to improve your grilling skills this season, look no further than the Grill Masters Club box. Not only does this box come with fresh new spices each month, but it also features special sauces and rubs that will add flavor to your meat while giving it a nice succulent texture.

Also included in this spice box subscription are wood chips and awesome new recipes to wow your friends and family with every month.

Also, the spices, rubs, and sauces featured in the Grill Masters Club box are all sourced from artisan producers from around the world, and they go through thorough testing and careful selection before they get packed into the boxes.

So you can rest assured that you’re getting access to one-of-a-kind flavors that have been curated for your grilling pleasure.

Boxes ship out on the first week of each month, while special shipment times apply for Christmas and Father’s Day.

2. My BBQ Box

my bbq box subscription

Price: $20.00+ per month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: The My BBQ Box was created by BBQ addicts who wanted to share their passion for meat grilling with backyard pitmasters like you.

Their spices go through months of testing and polishing to make sure that they enhance the flavor and texture of the meat that you use them on. Plus, the flavors in each spice rub are expertly blended to bring out the best in a specific type of meat, which makes for a truly unique taste.

In addition to the custom spice blends featured in this box, you’ll also find detailed instructions on how to use the spices, as well as a special gift each month to enhance your barbecuing skills.

These guys enjoy firing up Texas Brisket and Memphis ribs, and their box is a great way for you to try something fresh and new apart from the generic spices and rubs that you get from your local supermarket.

Sign up before 8PM EST on the 24th of the month, and your box ships out on the 30th of that same month. Shipping is Free!

3. Spice Madam

spice madams

Price: $20.00+ per month

Shipping: U.S.A Only

About the box: The ultra-colourful Spice Madam box comes with a medley of specially curated culinary surprises each month, including spices and seeds from different areas of the world, as well as premixes and recipe cards.

These guys really go out of their way to make each box a true culinary adventure, by including a postcard as well as a curated music playlist with ambient cultural music from the specific destination featured for that month.

So if you’re getting an Indian inspired box, it’ll come with spices and recipes from India, as well as a playlist of traditional and modern Indian music to complete the trip!

The best part is that their items are vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free, while 5% of the proceeds from each box go towards supporting a children’s charity.

All of this is packaged in a fun and colorful box that gets you fired up to try the recipes of the month.

Boxes ship out on the second week of the month following your order date.

4. SpiceBreeze


Price: $5.90+ per month

Shipping: Selected countries

About the box: Tired of cooking the same meals every month? Then you’ll love the SpiceBreeze monthly spice box, which comes with recipes for two new dishes each month that are inspired by a different country each month.

The recipes are accompanied by freshly ground spices that are native to that specific region, and they’re all free from additives like artificial colors, artificial flavors, and MSG.

Plus, you can pick between the Duo Box, which comes with 2 different spice varieties and recipes, or up the ante with the Quad Box which features 4 recipes and spices from different countries.

The best part is that the spices are pre-portioned so that you don’t have to figure out complicated measurements and you’ll avoid needless waste as well.

One often has to search for hours to find specialty spices to use in destination-based recipes. Aside from the provided spices, the rest of the ingredients are easy to find at your nearest supermarket.

With SpiceBreeze, you get to choose the shipping schedule that suits your needs at checkout so you decide on when the boxes should arrive at your doorstep each month.

5. Piquant Post

piquant post spice box subscription

Price: $11.99+ per month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Elevate the level of flavor in your food with a special selection of four spices that are inspired by a different destination each month. To accompany the spices are four recipes which have been specially developed by professional chefs to help you get the most out of each spice.

As a Piquant Post subscriber, you’ll also get exclusive access to their online platform which will give you even more recipe inspiration based on your spices, as well as substitutes for when you don’t have the spices to recreate the recipes again.

You see, Piquant Post portions the spices according to the specifications of the recipe so that you won’t have extra spices left over that you’ll have to find storage for. And their spices don’t contain any unnecessary fillers, preservatives, stabilizers or additives in them which means that they’re freshly dried and ground just for your consumption!

This box is a great gift idea for a friend or family member that enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes. The guidelines are easy to follow and each spice is made for a single meal so that guests can try a different meal each or get a taste of each spice.

If you’d like you can even order some of the spices again through the Piquant Post website so that you can recreate previous recipes or use it to season other dishes.

Boxes ship out on the 15th of each month.

6. Hot Sauce of the Month Club

hot sauce of the month club

Price: $12.99+ per month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: If you’re one of those people who likes hot sauce so much that you keep a personal stash of it in your handbag or car for personal use when eating out, then this box is for you.

Each month’s package comes with one or three bottles of high-quality hot sauce, depending on the subscription option that you choose. Now, these are not your average store-bought hot sauces, as most of them are award-winning artisanal creations that are made for the most discerning hot sauce connoisseurs.

As a subscriber, you’ll be supplied the option to choose whether you want your hot sauce to be Mild, Classic or Extra Hot, depending on your preferences for that month.

We were surprised to learn that there could be so many different varieties of hot sauce out there, but that’s exactly what this box gives you access to the very best hot sauces from all over the world that are flavorful and beautifully packaged!

Boxes ship out on the first week of each month.

7. Heatseekers

heat seekrs subscription

Price: $19.95+ per month

Shipping: U.S.A Only

About the box: The Heatseekers box is all about bringing you the most exclusive and delightful hot sauces each month. Not only are the sauces deliciously mild, but they also come in unique and different flavors depending on where they’re sourced from. So for example, a Caribbean hot sauce will have the distinct tropical undertones of island flavors, while a South African hot sauce will feature the unique characteristics of the African bush.

Either way, you’ll be the only one in your neighborhood to have these fantastic flavors up your sleeve when hosting friends or family, as they’re not offered at your local grocery store.

The best part is that you get two new sauces each month that are from entirely different producers than the previous month, so it’s a great way to discover new spicy sauces as well.

Boxes ship out on the 10th of every month.  

8. BBQ box

bbq box

Price: $24.99+ per month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Get the best in BBQ essentials with this box, which comes with a monthly selection of spices, rubs, marinades, one sample wood chip pack and one ready-made edible item like bacon beef jerky for example.

Also, you’ll get a special recipe to try out with your ingredients, as everything featured in the box is thoughtfully chosen so that it blends well together.

The BBQ Box subscription service also has a vibrant online community of like-minded individuals who all enjoy sharing their passion for barbequing.

If nothing else, this box will inspire you to fire up the grill and experience your favorite meat cuts in new and exciting ways, plus it’s an excellent gift idea for anyone who enjoys flaming up the grill. Boxes ship out between the 25th and 30th of each month.

9. Flaming Licks

flaming licks spice box subscription

Price: GB £15.99+per month

Shipping: Selected countries

About the box: Spicy food lovers rejoice! If you love spicy hot food so much that you would have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then this monthly spice box is for you.

The items featured in the Flaming Licks box include super-hot spices, a bottle of extra spicy hot sauce, a really hot condiment, recipe cards, spicy snacks (yum!) and multiple tasters of snacks that are so hot that you can smell the heat from the moment you open the pack!

The great thing about this box is that they don’t just rely on the fieriness of the spices alone, but feature products that are well-made and packed with genuinely unique flavors that reflect their country of origin.

Not only that, but they’re sourced from British and European manufacturers that specialize in the creation of unique snacks that you wouldn’t even imagine with spices on, like super-duper-hot chili jam, spicy toasted sesame seeds, and fiery beef jerky. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

For this subscription, you can choose between the Taste Box and the Crave Box depending on how brave you are and how much heat you’re willing to take in one go, as the latter contains a lot more items in it.

Boxes ship out at the end of each month.

10. Saffron Fix

saffron fix

Price: $49.95+per fortnight

Shipping: U.S Only

About the box: Thanks to its unique flavor and aroma, Saffron is one of the most coveted spices in the whole world, and it is also one of the most expensive due to how difficult and costly it is to manufacture.

With the Saffron Fix box, you can get access to Indian spices like Saffron which are difficult to source and expensive to buy on their own, delivered to your door.

Also, you’ll get six new recipes, a specialty bread to accompany the food, and other ingredients that have been pre-chopped for your convenience.

So if you’re an Indian food enthusiast, this box will make it that much easier for you to prepare your favorite Indian dishes at home in 30 minutes or less! All the recipes and ingredients are authentically Indian and help to produce restaurant quality food that you wouldn’t usually cook otherwise.

Boxes ship out on the first Friday of each month.

11. All You Can Spice

allyoucanspice subscription box

Price: $15.99+ per month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Travel vicariously through your tongue with the All You Can Spice box, which comes with a monthly supply of spice mix that’s inspired by one of the many destinations around the world that boast authentic and unique flavors.

Their spice mixes are all natural and free from MSG, gluten, chemicals, and Silicon Dioxide. They’re also accompanied by three unique and complementary recipes and come packaged in a snazzy looking box!

The All You Can Spice has a great blog as well, where they share fantastic recipes to accompany their seasonings, and you’ll find that their spices are versatile enough to use on other recipes so you’ll never be stuck with useless spices in your cupboard.

Boxes ship out on the 20th of each month.

12. Blazing Sauces

blazing sauces

Prices: $12.95+ per month

Shipping: U.S.A Only

About the box: Blazing Sauces subscription sends you a borderline hot sauce that is made from the hottest and rarest spices and chilies in the world.

That is if you don’t mind getting your tongue scorched or feeling the heat escape through your ears and nostrils as your eyes water.

This one is made for the hard-core spice-lovers and heat-seekers out there, as they’ll be the only ones valiant enough to brave through the merciless heat to get to the unique flavor contained within each sauce.

Needless to say, this box is not for the faint-hearted or the occasional chili enthusiast either, but it does make a fantastic gift idea for the right person.

Boxes ship out on the first of every month, and subscription options range from one to three bottles per month.

13. Pocket Chilli Club

pocket chilli club

Price: GBP £3.95+ per month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: The Pocket Chilli Club takes the concept of “personal hot sauce” to a whole new level. Except, instead of hot sauce you get pocket-sized sachets of premium habanero flakes at your disposal to use whenever you like and no matter where you are.

This is the perfect subscription for true chili aficionados that like adding an extra kick to every meal. The fact that these come packaged in a letterbox sized package means that you can fit them anywhere, including your handbag (or man-bag), your wallet and even the back pocket on your jeans.

We also liked the Pocket Chilli Club’s fun Facebook page, which featured quirky one-liners, as well as previews of upcoming boxes and interesting information on the health benefits offered by chilies. We especially liked tongue-in-cheek posts like this one:

“When you’re eating a delicious pizza, but the restaurant chili flakes don’t hit the spot.

Don’t suffer in silence, bring your own spice.”

Boxes ship out on the first of each month and they offer free delivery.

14. Spicery Recipe Kits

the spicery monthly spice box

Price: $12.00+ per month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: The Spicery box comes with two recipe kits that include complimentary spices, which have been pre-proportioned to help you create truly spectacular meals!

Each recipe caters to four people, and the instructions are ridiculously easy to follow because the recipes themselves are quite simple, but with exciting exotic flavors.

What inspires these flavors, you ask? Well, the Spicery team is made up of adventurous travelers from around the world, who draw inspiration from the places they visit, as well as their own native lands. Some of the boxes even feature ages-old family recipes that have been passed down for generations.

However, what sets this box apart from the rest is the colorful branding that they employ, which is evident not only in the packaging and the vibrant recipe cards, but the website and the blog as well (both of which are fantastic resources for subscribers by the way).

All in all, the Spicery box is a great way to discover and learn more about new spices from around the world, while actively putting them to use for immediate enjoyment.

Boxes ship out on the 27th of each month and shipping is free!

In a Nutshell

Spices are genuinely unique condiments, in that they can instantly elevate a dish from a bland creation to an exciting journey for your taste buds. In fact, adding spices right at the beginning stages of the cooking process can even enhance the natural flavors of the meat, vegetables, and poultry that you’re cooking.

Now, when it comes to buying spices you only want the best, so it helps to get advice from an expert, which we don’t all have access to.

This is one of the many reasons why spice subscription boxes are so awesome because they provide you with new and exciting spices to try out, alongside useful information and the support you need to put them to good use.

We hope that our article has helped you to find a spice subscription box that speaks to your preferences, whether you’re a master pitmaster or an avid home cook.