The 13 Best Monthly Supplement Subscription Boxes

Supplements are a dime a dozen, and new companies are constantly entering the market with new and improved formulas to suit all types of athletes and palettes.

Thanks to supplement subscription boxes, you now have a strategy to try out the ones that work for you, before you actually buy them, making it more affordable for you to enhance your health and get more gains!

Box Name

What’s Inside?

# of Items


Free Shipping

The Barbell Box

Protein powders, supplements, gels, bars, gym gear, fitness apparel




Dollar Shots Club

Energy shot supplements





SuppleMEM memory enhancing supplements




Project: Lift or Die

Protein supplements, healthy fitness snacks, T-shirts, tank tops, American made apparel

7 to 10



Gain[z] Box

Protein supplements, snacks, gym gear, apparel

7 to 10



Super Gains Pack

Fitness apparel, supplements, recovery snacks, gym accessory, gels, bars

6 to 8




Health and fitness supplements, whey protein, energy drinks, healthy snacks

8 to 10

$19. 99


Natural Wellness Box

Vegan, cruelty free and all-natural snacks, supplements, energy drinks, powders, soaps, superfoods, beauty and skin care products

5 to 8

£35.00+ GBP

Yes, but only within the UK.


Brain boosting supplements, superfood supplements, mental stimulation games, tools and activities

5 to 7




Protein snacks, natural supplements, superfoods

5 to 7



PR Pack

Pre-workout BCAA, vitamins, nutritional supplements, fitness apparel

5 to 7




Pre-workout supplements and vitamins




Fit Lifestyle Box

Healthy snacks, samples, fitness apparel

6 to 9



1. The Barbell Box

the barbell box subscription

The Barbell Box comes with premium quality supplements and fitness apparel every month, to revolutionize your training sessions.  Each box is unique, and customized to your needs and preferences, thanks to their tailored setup process which takes into account your gender, weight, and fitness goals.

All the products are pre-tested before packing, which is an excellent quality guarantee, and every box features a variety of goods for you to explore.

The Barbell team also go out of their way to ensure that you get more bang for your buck, with each box containing an average of $84 worth of value.

Boxes are shipped on the 14th of every month.

Box Highlights

  • You’ll find the Barbell online community to be an invaluable source of inspiration, with fellow members sharing their experiences with the box each month
  • You can choose from a variety of options from monthly subscriptions to quarterly,  half yearly and annual plans
  • The long-term subscription plans are the perfect birthday gift idea for the fitness junkie in your life
  • As an avid gym goer, you’ll benefit from the different flavored powder and gel supplements that come with the box each month
  • Unisex clothing and fitness gear

2. Dollar Shots Club

dollar shots club supplement box

With the Dollar Club, you get scientifically formulated supplement shots delivered to your door each month. What makes these shots special is the fact that they’re non-carbonated, aspartame free and naturally flavored. They’re developed using all natural power foods and ingredients like goji berries, green tea, and Valerian root.

The subscription process is straightforward, all you have to do is choose the flavor formula of your choice, followed by your subscription option and your box should arrive within five days from the time you place your order.

Plus, you get nice extras like access to exclusive Dollar Club events, freebies, and competitions. It’s healthy, tastes great, provides real value for money, and it comes in super exciting packaging.

Box Highlights

  • The Dollar Club offers a healthy and fun alternative to normal health shots
  • It’s a really innovative and exciting way to get on-the-go health shots at a massive discount
  • The packaging is super creative and colorful, and a really motivating factor on its own to get those gain-boosting supplements in!
  • Excellent flavors include Berry Blitz, Grapeness XS and Orange Mango Meditation, all with superfood ingredients
  • The subscription options are flexible enough for you to pause, change or cancel at any time without a glitch
  • This is an awesome gift idea for a health conscious, fitness friend.

3. NooMeds

noo meds monthly supplement box

The NooMeds box comes with a month’s supply of the memory enhancing supplement called SuppleMEM, which is developed by neuroscientists who specialize in Alzheimer’s research.

It’s an ideal supplement to take to keep yourself mentally sharp, or if you’re at risk of developing Alzheimer’s due to family history.

The supplement is specially formulated using ingredients that have been selected for their memory enhancing capabilities, such as green tea extract, selected B-vitamins and curcuminoids, and they work together to keep the mind sharp.

Box Highlights

  • This supplement contains only natural ingredients and is GMO-free, gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly
  • A percentage of the proceeds from each box goes towards supporting Alzheimer’s research development
  • It’s available to customers all over the world thanks to worldwide shipping, and boxes are promptly delivered to you within a few days after placing your order
  • Benefits of SuppleMEM include speeding up learning, slows down the brain’s aging process and enhances memory and cognitive function
  • This product gives hope to people living with Alzheimer’s and their families

4. Project: Lift or Die

project lift or die

The Project Lift or Die crate is here to motivate you with new, funky fitness apparel to rock at the gym and excellent premium quality supplements. The box was created by an army veteran with a passion for lifting.

Through this monthly supplement box, he’s sharing that passion, with a goal to take out the guesswork when it comes to finding the right supplements for the different stages of your fitness journey.  Boxes are shipped between the 13th to 17th of each month.

Box Highlights

  • The box is customized to ensure that you get apparel in your size and preferred style
  • Project Lift or Die gives back by donating monthly care packages to American troops that are deployed around the world, thanks to the support of their subscribers
  • Each month’s box supports an apparel company owned by an army veteran
  • You get to experience new premium supplements and healthy snacks every month
  • Worldwide shipping is offered
  • Provides excellent value for money with full sized products

5. Gain[z] box

the gainz box monthly supplement subscription

If you’re looking to step up your game as an athlete with new and better supplements, gym gear and inspiring premium apparel, then the Gainzbox is for you.  

Each month, you get customized supplements that are handpicked to enhance your workouts and help you achieve the results you want. All you have to do is fill out your athlete profile and select your preferred plan to get a customized box with all the fitness goodies you need, delivered to your door, every month.

Gainzbox also has an active online community of novice and expert athletes who’re always sharing their inspiring journeys, and as a subscriber, you get access to great advice by CrossFit experts on diet, exercise and more.

And because Gainzbox has partnered with so many great fitness companies (both well known and upcoming), you’ll have access to the latest and greatest gym products at super bargain prices.  

Box Highlights

  • Each month you get high-quality and premium supplements that are customized for your workouts
  • The box comes with awesome gym gear which includes things like lifting straps, liquid chalk and callus quench to name but a few
  • The packaging is really interesting and makes the box exciting
  • You get  more than twice the value with each box you receive  
  • There’s so much variety with every box, from supplements, to fitness apparel, gym gear, topical products and snacks

6. Super Gains Pack

super gains pack

The Super Gains box is a jam-packed crate with an edgy design, created to inspire you in realizing your fitness goals. Around the 3rd of every month, you can expect to find a box filled with goodies like healthy snack bars, fitness apparel, gels, and of course that excellent supplement to bring the gains!

This subscription box is great gym inspiration for both men and women, with a good selection of supplements to benefit all types of athletes.

Box Highlights

  • Each month, you get a versatile variety of high-quality products
  • You can always rely on Super Gains to include a great new supplement for you to try out each month
  • Exceptional customer service
  • You get full sized quality products alongside the samples, which makes for one packed box!
  • The fitness apparel is a nice touch, and each month it’s something different

7. GymCrate

gym crate

Gym Crate is created for fellow gym junkies, and each box comes with a range of tailored fitness and health supplements to help you see improved results every month.

The Gym Crate online community, including its founders, are a motivating source of ‘gym-spiration’ where you can share your own experiences along with other members who’re on the same fitness track as you. Boxes ship out on the 22nd of each month.

Box Highlights

  • The supplements in your box are tailored to your fitness needs and will only contain what you need to fully maximize your training sessions. Gym Crate helps you to comb through what works for you and what doesn’t
  • The variety is mind-blowing, including powders, gels, marinades, snacks, gear and even RTDs.  
  • Each month you get loads of supplement samples for you to ‘try before you buy.’
  • You get access to newly launched supplements, as well as the latest innovations from well-known brands, and exclusive health and fitness trials to try out.

8. Natural Wellness Box

natural wellness supplement subscription box

As the name implies, this supplement box is all about keeping you healthy and making sure that you get your gains the natural way. Each package comes with an array of natural health supplements, as well as beauty and skincare products to help you maintain balanced health and wellness from within.

The best part is that they source their products from a combination of prestigious and independent brands that are well-known for providing clean, vegan, cruelty-free and natural products.

On top of that, you get incredible value for money with items that are worth £60 to £100, and it’s a great way to get started on a good self-care routine.

You get full-sized products to try out instead of samples, and they have a great online community where you can get inspiration on how to use the products to stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

Boxes ship out on the 15th of every other month, and the Natural Wellness Box will charge you on a bi-monthly basis.

Box Highlights

  • The quality of the products is awe-inspiring, and you can tell that the Natural Wellness Box team goes the extra mile to select them for each box carefully
  • Excellent value for money with products that are worth 2 to 3 times the subscription amount
  • Offers worldwide shipping
  • Their  products are always vegan, cruelty-free and all-natural
  • Full-sized products with no fillers

9. NeuroBox

neurobox subscription

If you’re looking for ways to boost your mental performance and supercharge your productivity, then The Neuro Box is for you. With this box, you’ll have access to the best brain performance supplements based on the latest scientific innovations and neurological research.

These supplements and snacks are carefully curated to ensure high quality, and they’re cruelty-free as well, which means that no animals are harmed during manufacturing.

With The Neuro Box, you always get full sized products that you can use on a daily basis and no useless filler items. Boxes ship out on the 15th of every month and include things like brain boosting snacks, supplements, productivity tools and energizing stimulants.

Box Highlights

  • Each box is filled with brain stimulating snacks and supplements
  • The products are thoughtfully put together to maximize your mental performance throughout the month
  • The included products in each box are backed by thorough research and are of high quality
  • Great gift idea for overworked a friend or family member who needs an extra productivity boost

10. CLEAN.FIT box

clean fit box

Try as we might, most of us struggle with unhealthy snacking because when those midday cravings hit, the last thing on anyone’s mind is to grab a piece of fruit, unless you’ve made a conscious decision to bring it from home, which is rare.

The box takes the hard work out of the equation by providing you with several clean snacks to choose from each month, which could either be Vegetarian, Gluten-free or Original depending on the box category that you choose.

However, where the box shines is with its selection of GMO-free and natural supplements which vary from month to month. In fact, their past boxes have included such fantastic supplements as Balanced Greens that are packed with protein and superfoods, as well as KIKI Health Chlorella Tablets to optimize health and wellness.

All in all, this box is a great way to discover the latest in clean and effective supplements to try out, and it’s a great way to support your health and fitness goals. Also, both the snacks and supplements are delicious, nutritious and you can tell they’re made from high-quality ingredients by how well they work.

Boxes ship out on the 15th of every month.

Box Highlights

  • All their products are free from artificial preservatives, colorants, flavorings, GMOs and sweeteners
  • Boxes are always jam-packed with new and exciting supplements to try out, which taste good while still being nutritious
  • Their supplements are made from high-quality ingredients
  • Offers worldwide shipping
  • You get full-sized products
  • Great customer service


pr pack supplement subscription box

TThe PR in PR Pack stands for Pump and Recovery, meaning that this monthly supplement subscription is geared towards supporting your gains, whether you’re a powerlifter, a bodybuilder or a general fitness enthusiast.

That’s why each box comes with essentials like full-sized pre-workout BCAA, nutritional supplements, and vitamins, as well as fitness apparel in sizes Small to XXL to keep you looking fresh and feeling motivated.

The best part is that the PR Pack box comes with a wide array of brands that you’re familiar with, while making it easy for you to discover some of the most exciting innovations on the market.

Boxes ship out on the 15th of every month.

Box Highlights

  • This box is made to power your workouts with a selection of pre-workout BCAA, nutritional supplements and vitamins
  • Comes with fitness apparel in all sizes
  • They offer international shipping
  • This box offers great value of money thanks to the wide array of products that are featured in each month’s pack, including some that you may be familiar with, as well as new items that have just hit the market  



The Dollar Pump Club is brought to you by a team of gym enthusiasts who’re passionate about bringing you the best and latest pre-workout supplements and vitamins on the market. These guys are obsessed with pre-workouts and use the Dollar Pump Club as a way to share their love for pre-workouts and gym life with like-minded individuals.   

That’s why you can rest assured that you’ll get the latest and best pre-workouts with each box because everything is hand-picked and personally tested by the DPC experts before getting shipped out to you.

Of course, the guarantee of a new high-quality product each month means that you’ll never get bored with using the same pre-workout every day, which is excellent.

Plus, we like the community of like-minded individuals that the Dollar Pump Club has managed to build online, especially on their Facebook page where they also share inspirational posts to help you stay motivated and focused on your fitness goals.

Boxes ship out on the 23rd of each month and they’ve got different subscription options on offer, including a monthly plan, a 3-month plan, and a 6-month plan.

Box Highlights

  • A lot of thought and consideration is put behind every box that’s shipped out, and the products are tested for quality and effectiveness as well
  • You get the best and latest pre-workout products every month  
  • They’ve got a great social media presence and are most active on their Facebook page which is definitely worth checking out
  • They also offer  different plans to suit different budgets and lifestyles

13. Fit Lifestyle Box

fit lifestyle supplement box

The Fit Lifestyle Box is a great option for both male and female athletes who want to stay motivated and on track with their fitness goals. Each month, you get a selection of products that are geared towards supporting your fitness lifestyle, and you can choose between the Get Lean, Get Strong and Stay fit boxes depending on your goals.

Included in each box is a selection of healthy snacks, product samples that are relevant to you and apparel in sizes X-small to XX- Large.

That way, you get a chance to try out some of the latest supplements and fitness products sometimes before they even hit the market, so you get a sense of whether or not you like them before you go out and purchase them.  

They even feature 30-day challenges each month to keep things exciting, while each box comes with a combination of full-sized and sample-sized products as well for good measure.  

Boxes ship out between the 23rd and 27th of each month.

Box Highlights

  • Each month’s box comes with a new and fresh 30-day challenge to help keep you motivated and focused on your goals
  • The fitness apparel is really nice
  • Boxes are based on your fitness goals, whether that is to Get Strong, Get Lean or Stay Fit
  • Their packages are jam-packed with a vast variety of products, and they don’t compromise on quality either

To Getting Gains!

Who knew there were so many options when it comes to supplement subscription box? No doubt, these boxes make the athlete’s life so much easier, with the latest in supplements to help you stay on your A-game.

Plus, these boxes are the perfect gift idea for fitness junkies and health conscious friends, as well as anyone who’s looking to lose weight or start their fitness journey. Here’s to getting those gains and keeping yourself healthy with nutritious supplements while you’re at it.