The Best Monthly Tactical Gear Subscription Boxes

Calling all gear geeks!

Whether you’re a prepping fanatic, gun enthusiast, survival wizard or you just love spending time in the great outdoors, a tactical subscription box is the perfect way to start or expand your gear collection.

There are a vast variety of options available for every interest, whether you’re looking to expand your selection of firearm accessories or you just want to be prepared for any survival situation life throws your way.

From knives, flashlights and medical supplies to shelter kits, and even technical apparel, the possibilities are endless.

When you choose a monthly tactical box, you can be sure you’re receiving items expertly chosen for their durability, quality, and usefulness.

Read on to find out which subscription is right for you!

Box Name

What’s Inside?

# of Items



Knife Subscription Club1 name-brand knife per month, plus 2-4 additional items per level of membership above Basic1-7+ depending on membership level$25.00-$150.00/monthWorldwide
Barrel & BladeAn assorted variety of tactical and survival gear with an average value of $85-$175+ depending on membership level3-7 typically$49.99-$99.99/monthU.S. only
SOGOPS TacticalA variety of hand-selected products chosen for their quality and usefulnessNot specified$39.95/monthWorldwide
Range JunkieDepending on membership, boxes include everything from gun-related books to gun accessories to high-quality shooting gearNot specified$24.95-$99.99/monthU.S. only
Green Beret TacticalA variety of camping, outdoor, survival and tacticalNot specified$34.99/quarterWorldwide
Ballistics BoxTactical, survival and outdoor gear plus firearm accessories, depending on membership levelNot specified$39.00-$199.00/monthWorldwide
The Prepper BoxSurvival accessories such as fire starters, torches and medical supplies plus high-end gear and knives depending on membership level2-3+ depending on membership£10.00-£100.00/monthWorldwide

1. Knife Subscription Club

knife subscription club

Price: $25.00-$150.00/month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Knife Subscription Club offers a huge variety of plans for everyone from new hobbyists all the way to hardcore collectors. All knives come from recognizable brand names and crafted of premium 440 stainless steel.

For newbies to the hobby, the Basic subscription is the way to go. For $25/month, you’ll receive one name-brand knife each month.

If you’re looking for something a little more exciting, the Advanced subscription, $50, includes 2-4 additional items each month such as survival kits, technical apparel, tactical gear, and more.

Or upgrade to the Premium subscription, where in addition to the previous items you’ll also receive 2-4 additional higher-end products like tactical watches, belts, or binoculars, for only $100.

If you find yourself still wanting more, then the Ultimate subscription, $150/month, is for you. With this option, in addition to receiving everything from the lower tier boxes, you’ll also get 2-4 more high-end survival or tactical items in each box. What’s not to love?

Order by the 9th of the month to receive the most current box. All shipments go out between the 15th and 25th of the month.

2. Barrel & Blade

barrelandblade tactical subscription box

Price: $49.99-$99.99/month

Shipping: U.S. only

About the box: For gear junkies eager to build their collection of tactical and survival gear, look no further than Barrel & Blade. With two membership levels, a Barrel & Blade subscription is the ideal way to receive high-quality tactical gear right to your door.

  • Level 1, at $49.99/month, includes a monthly tactical gear box with an average value of over $85.00.
  • Level 2, at $99.99/month, has an average value of over $175.00.

Both boxes include a wide variety of high-quality tactical, survival, and EDC gear expertly curated by Barrel & Blade’s in-house experts and themed around a specific scenario or certain types of gear. After joining, you can also shop old boxes in the members-only store.

Orders ship the first week of the month, and you must order by the 15th of the month to receive the most current box. Canceling and pausing membership are both easy one-click processes.

3. SOGOPS Tactical

gear brocker crate

Price: $39.95/month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: At SOGOPS Tactical, quality is priority number one. Each item in a SOGOPS shipment is hand-selected for quality, durability, and craftsmanship.

Members can expect a wide variety of tactical and survival items from name brands such as 5.11 Tactical, AR500, Blackhawk, Adventure Medical Kit, CRKT and more. With a SOGOPS tactical supply box you can be sure you’re prepared for any eventuality, and the company confidently stands by every product in every box so you can be assured you’re getting the best tactical and survival gear on the market.

On the SOGOPS website you can also shop themed boxes from previous months, such as the First Responder Edition box and the Enhanced Zombie Survival Kit. There’s something for everyone!

Orders ship on the 8th of the month and all new subscriptions must be in by the last day of the month to receive the following month’s box.

4. Range Junkie

range junkie monthly tactical box

Price: $24.95-$99.95/month

Shipping: U.S. only

About the box: There’s truly a Range Junkie subscription for every kind of gun lover. Whether you’re interested in high-quality tactical shooting gear, the best accessories for your AR-15, or you just like the sound of a pro-gun book club, there’s a box for you.

The Shoot ‘Em Up Book Club, at $24.95/month, is just what it sounds like: a monthly tactical box of the most exciting new pro-gun books around. It includes both fiction and nonfiction options and may even include movies or other media.

For the classic gun enthusiast, the Range Junkie Original membership ($49.95) is your best bet. It includes a curated selection of gun accessories, pro-gun merch, and shooting gear for everyday carry, range outings, and everything in between.

If you’re a long-range rifle advocate, the Long-Range Premium box, $99.95, is the perfect choice. It features accessories and merch designed explicitly with the AR-15 in mind.

Boxes ship the third week of the month, and orders must be received by the last day of the month to receive the following month’s shipment.

5. Green Beret Tactical

green beret tactical gear subscription box

Price: $34.99/quarter

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Green Beret Tactical is shaking things up in the tactical gear subscription box market. Instead of shipping once per month, shipments go out once per quarter. This means better value because not only are you saving money, you’re not getting overloaded with extra stuff you don’t need.

Established by a disabled veteran with over two decades of special ops experience, Green Beret Tactical is not just a subscription service – they also sell a wide variety of tactical gear and readiness kits and run a useful blog with survival tips, gear recommendations, and prepping advice.

Membership costs $34.99 per quarter, and your box will include a wide variety of name-brand camping, outdoors, survival and tactical gear from trusted brands. Boxes ship the first week of every quarter (January, April, October) and your first order will ship within two days of purchase.

6. Ballistics Box

ballistics box

Price: $39.00-$199.00/month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: Ballistics Box is dedicated to bringing you the highest-quality, most badass tactical and shooting gear on the planet, with a promise that you’ll absolutely love every single item in every single box you receive.

With four membership levels, you’re sure to find a box that fits your needs.

The basic level, .22, is designed with the casual weekend warrior in mind, containing a variety of survival gear, clothing, guides, and supplies for only $39.00/month.

The next level, .223, is designed for folks who want to be both prepared and proactive and includes everything from .22 as well as higher-end survival gear like knives, lights, holsters and more, at $79.00/month.

The 7.62, at $149.00/month, also includes items like concealed carry holsters, tactical attachments, and equipment upgrades.

And if none of those sound like enough gear, you’ll want the elite 50Cal membership, which includes everything in the other levels plus monthly drawings to win high-end prizes like firearms, tactical training, outdoor activities and more. Boxes ship on the 4th of the month.

7.  The Prepper Box

prepper box tactical susbcription

Price: £10.00-£100.00/month

Shipping: Worldwide

About the box: The Prepper Box is designed for any prepping enthusiast, from newbies to the hobby all the way to hardcore preppers readying themselves for any eventuality, with five membership levels to choose from.

Your first box will ship within five days of ordering and you can cancel or pause membership anytime with one click.

Beginners can select the Basic Box, £10.00, which includes 2-3 survival accessories.

Or you can upgrade to the Advanced Box for £25.00, which includes similar items but with a higher average value than the Basic level.

For more serious preppers, the PRO Box (£40.00) includes more items with an even higher average value, such as EDC gear, shelter kits, and more.

And if that wasn’t enough, select one of the highest-tier boxes – either the Collector Prepper Box or the Collector Knife Box, each £100.00.  The Collector Prepper box features a huge box chock-full of the latest survival and tactical gear that’s too expensive to fit in the other boxes. And for knife enthusiasts, the premier Collector Knife Box includes everything from the previous boxes as well as a new knife each month from a trusted name brand.

Better Safe Than Sorry!

We all know preparation is the key to success, and when you join one of the many tactical subscription boxes listed here, you can rest assured that you’ll be prepared for anything, whether it’s an actual survival situation or just your next trip to the range.

Whether you’re just getting started in the hobby or building out a tactical collection of epic proportions, if you’re a true gearhead you know there’s always something new and exciting to try.

Take the guesswork out of your next gear purchase by investing in a subscription that keeps on giving. That way, you’ll always be ready to expect the unexpected.