Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Toddlers

So your beautiful baby has somehow grown into a walking, almost-talking little human being.

Toddlers can become a handful as they start gaining muscle control and balancing on their wobbly legs. Testing your every nerve while they explore all corners of the house. Sometimes this precious angel can drive you crazy with their constant moving around.You’ve read the same storybook a thousand times and played your fair share of hide and seek. Let’s face it, keeping a toddler occupied can be difficult.So how do you maximize your fun with this terrific little person without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed?Take advantage of a subscription box for toddlers, of course!It might look like playing around, but your little pumpkin is hard at work learning important life skills. Keeping their interest with brand new books and toys is crucial for development.

Subscribing to a few toddler boxes per month will help you keep them busy and learning at the same time. Not to mention it will save you an aggravating trip to the nearest toy store. An active toddler is likely to remain active later! Enjoy the great educational and sensory surprises each box has to offer, together.

Box Name







Bookroo Box$17.99+YesNoNoYesNo
Toy Box Monthly$15.00+NoYesNoNoNo
The Storey Store/ Lillypost$26.00+YesNoNoYesNo

1. bookroo

bookroo box subscription for toddlers

Nurture, Champion, Stimulate and Foster their love for reading! Bookroo books are all about investing in your child’s future and instilling a love for reading.Each box contains 2-3 board books that are individually wrapped. Readers, also known as Little Roos, are surprised each month with adorably wrapped children’s books. Receiving a board book to unwrap each month is an exciting educational gift. Book titles include: “Harrie and Horsie,” “Time for a Hug,” “My Pet Polar Bear” and many more.

What We Like:

  • checkRetail value of books exceeds subscription price of $17.99
  • checkBooks become presents with the cute wrapping paper
  • checkIf, for some crazy reason, you receive a book you already own you get $5 off your next box. Bargain!
  • checkGrab an already wrapped book and give it to a friend as a baby shower gift
  • checkJoin Bookroo’s newsletter and receive a whopping 15% off

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Only available in Canada and United States. Sorry to any Little Roos outside of these two countries

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2. Toy Box Monthly

toy box monthly toddler monthly subscription

Time to have some fun with the Toy Box Monthly. Keep your toddlers entertained with the latest and greatest popular brands you love. Toy Box gives you 3 categories to choose from: Boys, Girls or a Mixture, which is great for siblings!Boy boxes include 4-6 action toys from Ninja Turtles, Angry Birds, and Marvel whereas the girl boxes include 4-6 cute toys from Disney, My Little Pony, and Shopkins.Order a mixture of boy and girl toys to entertain your toddler’s play dates or if there’s no limit to what they like. All 3 options are only $15 each per month. Boxes are shipped to the United States for $5 and to most international countries for an additional $15.

What We Like:

  • checkWe love the fact that toys are from popular brands
  • checkVery low cost for well-known brands

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Delivery can take a while; don’t wait on the front door steps
  • Some toys included in the box can be from characters or cartoons you’ve never heard of

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the storey store subscription

For a low cost of only $26.00+ monthly, you and your little bookworm will receive up to 5 board or picture books. All books are carefully curated to suit the age and interests of your child.Lillypost is proud to say that most of their hand-picked books are brand new releases. As a bonus, you will receive other goodies like stickers and lovely little notes.Each board book is individually wrapped with cute wrapping paper. Expect tiny fingers to eagerly open this special and valued gift. Lillypost offers two options you can choose from to suit ages of your child. The Board Book Box for ages 0-2 and the Picture Book Box that’s perfect for ages 3+, eliminating siblings fighting over their favorites.Some of the book titles include favorites like: “Where’s Spot?” and “Tickle, Tickle, Peter!” For every box purchased by a Lillypost client, one book is donated to children in need.

What We Like:

  • checkIncredible value for money for the number of books included in the box
  • checkPerfect gift for fellow mommies with toddlers
  • checkBooks come in different sizes and shapes
  • checkLillypost donates one book to charity for each monthly subscriber

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Only ships to Canada and United States. 🙁

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4. my sensory box

playsense monthly subscription box for toddlers

Stimulating and developing toddler’s senses have never been this popular. My Sensory Box knows the importance of combining sensory materials to strengthen skills.For only $29.00 per month, you could receive this creative and fun sensory box. Subscriptions include 4-6 sensory provoking materials and 1-3 fine motor function utensils. You will also find brochures with new vocabulary words you could teach your child and interactive question cards that encourages learning.For tots, a high quality closeable plastic container is included for all the sensory evoking bibs and bobs. For parents, a caregivers guide is included to educate you about the benefits of sensory play.

What We Like:

  • checkGuides educate parents on the importance of sensory play
  • checkWe love this sensory approach to education
  • checkGreat monthly themes like: “Winter” and “Treasure Hunt”

What We Didn’t Like:

  • These are items that you can put together yourself, leaves and rocks from the backyard and cotton wool from your dresser

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Keep Your Toddler Active and Entertained

Time flies, and before you know it, your child will be a full-time student at the nearest school. Make the most of their toddler years. Engage in fun and educational activities at home! Don’t be caught playing the same old boring games over and over again.

Save the hassle of going to the store and looking for the perfect activity for you and your child to enjoy.

Subscribe to any or more of the above subscription boxes to avoid losing their interest. Keep them playing and having fun while learning.